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The 144,000

Dearest Ones, I want to talk to you today about the 144,000. This is a topic that has remained a mystery for centuries, because the time had not yet come for it to be revealed. But that time has now come, for it is present truth, and I am calling you to be among that number. I have already spoken to you about it before to some extent. But now I want to reveal more to you because I am calling you to be among that number. As Ellen White spoke, you will know soon enough who they will be. And now that time has arrived. Throughout the centuries, I have chosen individuals who became my special friends because of their capacity and drive to hear my voice and know me and follow me as friend to friend. To these I could reveal myself and my purposes on earth to all peoples and nations and tongues who do not know me, and have been steeped in heathenism and the worship of idols, who are really demons. In all fairness, everyone must have a chance to know the truth and the true God, and not the demonic religions which bring people into slavery to the devil and his purposes for them to support his kingdom. As you know, I chose my friend Abraham because he was a man of giant intellect, but also of humility and an eagerness to know and follow me implicitly. From his seed I built the nation of Israel, and they were to follow his example. But when I offered them this privilege, they turned to the gods they had known in Egypt, and refused to be friends with me and learn my ways. So only two of them—Caleb and Joshua—entered the promised land from that generation. But I did not give up and break my promise to Abraham to make of him a great nation. My covenant I kept until the promised seed came and gave them a chance to see God in the flesh and decide once and for all if they would keep the Abrahamic covenant to be the keepers of the law, and welcome the Messiah for whom they had longed for centuries.

But you know what they did to me, and as a result, the covenant with Abraham had to pass on to the Gentiles and those who accepted me from the whole human race, who were then grafted into my covenant with Abraham, and by faith in me became spiritual Israel. Through the centuries that have followed, all those from every race who have seen me as the Messiah—the Savior of every person on earth who accepts and loves me and becomes a representative of my kingdom of love, becomes my friend as Abraham was, and I reveal to them the treasures of life eternal as we walk and talk and live together. But the amount of light that I can reveal to each person is measured by their ability to receive it and assimilated it and live it out in their lives. So time has gone on for centuries, building light upon light, which passed on to the next generation. I have always had chosen ones who listened for my voice and obeyed me in the darkness of the era in which they lived. An example of this is Martin Luther, a man of giant intellect, but most importantly who desired to seek for ultimate truth in the darkness of the night of error in which he lived. And the light of the gospel that he received from me broke the spell of demonic errors of his day and brought the world out of the dark ages.

Then, of course, my chosen ones of the 1844 movement such as William Miller and his associates, and Ellen and James White and others, burst out of the darkness and lethargy of Protestantism as it became in their day. I always bring light when darkness has become so deep that the light of truth will shine even brighter against the back drop of error, and when Satan is satisfied that he has been successful in wiping out the light of truth. And now such a time has come again, and this time it is the end. There will be no more eras of darkness and light in the future, for the fullness of all the accumulated light is shining upon this generation, and upon the acceptance of that light, every person’s decision will be made for eternity.

Now listen carefully to me as I describe the characteristics of those who will comprise the 144,000, who are those who accept all the light of all other preceding generations, as well as the light of the judgment as it applies to the cases of the living. They must be diligent students of all that has been given to every generation before them, and have accepted the light, understood, it, and lived by it. They will discern any error and study it out until the pure truth shines forth, and all error is banished from their lives and understanding and life practices. They must strive to know me personally and hear my voice and follow me as sheep know and follow the shepherd. They must have a high discernment for knowing the difference between truth and error, and pursue truth and follow it. They must be totally committed to me and willing to go through anything to keep close to my side and not willingly or knowingly sin and live at a distance from me, but are willing to sacrifice everything to be with me and serve me faithfully to the end. They must be deep students of the word, seeking truth and discarding error. They must hear the call and accept it to be a part of the final remnant who will go through, and they must be willing to go through anything and sacrifice anything to be among that number.

As I have mentioned before, the 144,000 are those who will take the place of Lucifer, who was created to be by my side and assist me in ruling my vast universe. And so, the 144,000 will contain all the blueprints that I have within myself and also gave to Lucifer, but this time the number will be made up by all those who will represent the entire human race, as did the sons of Jacob in the 12 varieties of people who compose all of humanity. That is all I need to reveal at this time, but as you study these things, you can ask me for further light on the subject at a future time when you are ready.

Go now to the activities of the day, and I will be with you in Spirit, for I love to commune with you and bring you joy and light and happiness in my presence and in your fellowship with one another. Have a wonderful Sabbath, but don’t forget that I will be with you and you can ask me for anything, and if it is for your best good, I will give it to you, for as always, I am eager to supply anything you need, for I am your best Friend, just as I was with Abraham! Lovingly, Jesus.

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