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Jesus Shares His Feelings About the Days Just Ahead

My Dear Ones, today I have a message of love and support for you, because you are going through so much in your private lives, and yet you are never wavering from the goals that I have set before you. Look to me constantly, and I will see you through to the other side of the Jordan into the promised land. First comes the latter rain power which I am preparing to pour out upon you in greatest measure, and then the time of trouble which you must go through on your journey to my kingdom. In all cases and in all places, I will be with you to guide and sustain and comfort and protect you, and meet all your needs in whatever I allow you to experience. All I ask of you is to go forward at my command and leadership. I will open the way before you as I did for Moses at the Red Sea.

Now for the topic for today. I want to share with you my feelings about the immediate days just ahead of you. I am your leader and the Captain of the Lord’s forces. If you could see around you and have your eyes opened to see the legions of evil angels who would like to destroy you, you would be shocked and tempted to be afraid. But I don’t want you to think or be worried about this, because I also have legions of powerful angels from heaven whom I have assigned to protect, guard, and guide you, and provide for your every need. The reason that Satan is so riveted upon your destruction is because he sees that all his temptations have no power over you, and to him that spells his death knell, because his success against me depends upon their being no perfected people at the end of time who are completely successful in being fully cleansed from the damage that he has caused in your lives, and escaping the results of everything he has done to you to keep you as his captive. You see, if there is even one root of sin that you still retain at my coming, the fire of my majesty will automatically consume you, for my presence consumes sin, and those who retain it will be consumed along with their sin.

Oh, how wrong are those who allow even one sin and indulgence of the flesh to remain in their lives, thinking that my righteousness will cover their cherished sins. Therefore, I am not permitting even one sin to be unknown and unrealized, for when I bring people into the judgment of the living, as I am now doing, I will bring every sin with every secret thing into their minds so that I cannot be accused of destroying even one person because of secret, unknown sins which they did not know and did not have a chance to recover themselves. As scripture says, I will bring every one into judgment and reveal every hidden thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil [Eccl. 12:14]. I do not do this because I am angry, but because I do not want to leave one stone unturned for the salvation of each person. But when I do this, people will be driven to escape the guilt that they will feel, or the pain of their past experiences. They will either come to the light which I will be shining through you, or they will turn from it to cling to their chosen idols and ways to escape. The violent will become more violent; the sinner will become more calloused in their sins; the mentally unstable will go mad, because they cannot bear the unresolved memories of their past lives. I must do this because everyone must be tested, and either found without spot or wrinkle in their characters, or reveal to the universe the justice of their condemnation.

But now perhaps you can see why it is so vital that I have a people who perfectly obey my law and my precepts as a final example before the world and the universe and all the hosts of evil that what I said I would do, I will do. I have prophesied that I would have a purified remnant at the end of time—the 144,000 in number—who would represent my character completely and be free of the sins and damage that the devil has caused them, and thus refute the enemy’s lies about the efficacy of my sacrifice for the human race. You see, he has studied the brain and knows that once a sin is committed, it leaves a permanent record in the brain pathways and the thinking and reasoning capacities, and that without a miracle, this can never be changed. Therefore, he felt sure that when Adam and Eve succumbed to his wiles, he had captured the whole human race forever, and that he could use his victory to cause doubt in the hearts of other created beings about my character and my ability to preserve my kingdom, and the fairness of my laws. But he did not know that the plan of salvation had already been conceived and prepared from the beginning of time, that if anyone should sin, I would be the propitiation by being the perfect example of sinlessness, and by my sacrificial death, provide a way back to holiness for all who choose to follow and love and serve me, and be cleansed of all unrighteousness through my blood, and through fellowship with me.

So when I came to earth, Satan realized that he had to take me down as he had Adam and Eve. And though he tried everything, I stayed true to my purpose through continual connection with my Father. When I shouted, “It is finished!” and bowed my head and died, I carried with me in my blood the perfection required for the cleansing and overcoming of every sin, just as I had a perfect character while upon earth. And now, I bequeath my character to everyone who desires it and fully surrenders to me moment by moment and maintains the same connection with me that I had with my Father while I was on earth. It is true, that without this connection with me, you cannot overcome even one sin. Works will never produce it, and nothing can wash away the effects that sin has had upon your thinking and character. But when you are constantly connected with me, I will give you my thoughts and feelings and righteous requirements as a gift to you from the courts of glory where the perfect blueprint that I have for you is recorded in the books of heaven, and awaits your reception through the cleansing and blotting out of all your sins as you walk in constant communion with me each day until I come.

I have a perfect white robe of my character for you, and a crown of victory all prepared to place on your heads, and palms of victory to place in your hands as symbols of your victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. But never forget that this righteous and holy character cannot be given you as long as you imbibe in the things of earth that the devil authors, and then offers to you as strange fire. I am sure you are all aware of what I am talking about: worldly entertainment, worldly food that damages your body and clogs your mind so that you cannot hear the still, small voice of my Spirit, or anything that does not keep the finely tuned elements of your mind and spirit in a healthy condition so that you can hear me talking to you and drawing you to follow me and commune with me every moment.

I will say no more about this now, because I do not want you to feel discouraged if you are still struggling with some of these avenues which the devil can use to distract you from the goal of the perfection of my character which I freely offer to you. But that gift of my perfect righteousness and freedom from sin is conditional and dependent upon perfect, unbroken communion with me in order to receive it. This is what I want for you to not only experience for yourself, but also to tell it to others so they, too, can escape the wily foe. The majority of spiritual leaders today are preaching a soft message—just accept Jesus and try to be as good as you can without too much effort, and you will be covered by my righteousness and saved in my coming kingdom. But that is a lie. My righteousness does not cover or excuse one cherished sin, or one sin that could have been overcome through a conscious, continuing walk with me every day. So the true message of righteousness by faith must be preached by you and lived by you, my beloved chosen ones, in order for me to close the great controversy forever, and the reign of sin. Thank you for being the display of my love and righteous character to the last generation. Soon it will all be over and you will be at home with me. In the meantime, just keep your minds and hearts circumcised of earthliness and sin, and look to me for the enjoyment of having your needs met and satisfied through communion with me and with those whom I provide for companionship and love who are also walking the same pathway to perfection here, and glory in my soon-coming kingdom.

The hour is late and the time grows short until my coming, and I am longing to have you home with me, but every soul must have a chance to hear and decide upon truth. Then probation will close for ever upon the world, and the time of trouble will be the final display of wickedness to show what sin brings when the power of my Holy Spirit is fully removed from those who have chosen the devil over me. During that time I will shelter and protect you in the covert of my hiding place, under the shadow of the Almighty. And then my waiting, faithful ones will be caught up together to meet me in the air, and we will be together forever.

In the meantime, walk with me and talk with me and trust me and my love and care for you every moment. Never let yourself become worried or discouraged or oppressed by the evil one, or fail in your faith. Just rest in my love and provisions for you. Ask me for anything, and if it is for your best good, you shall have it. And always keep in mind that I am now, and will ever be, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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