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Dearest Ones,

My topic for today is "reception." You may wonder why I am choosing this word, but you will soon see the importance of the concept and the understanding of its meaning. You are all familiar with the text in Matthew 7:7: "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." In the months since I have been sending direct messages to you, I have endeavored to emphasize in a variety of ways the truth that my kingdom is based upon freedom of choice, and endless opportunities to grow and expand one's talents and gifts. As long as you are connected with me through the reception and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, there will be no end to the wisdom and knowledge and gifts that are available to you. Even the ability to give and receive love will be constantly expanding, because love is the very essence of the character of God, and the more you know my Father and me, the more capacity you will have to receive our love and share it with others.

When I was on earth, I told the disciples to ask freely for whatever they needed, and if it was for their best good, they would receive it. However, there is another side to the subject of asking and receiving. Sometimes the answer is delayed because something in the heart of the person is not in harmony with my character, so I cannot give my blessing to the request. Sometimes people ask and do not receive, because the purpose for their asking comes from motives of pride and selfishness, and they desire something to build up their egos, and feed their lust for attention or self-satisfaction. These will not receive anything from me, because their hearts and motives are not right before God. Satan sometimes answers these selfish prayers if he sees that the persons will further his kingdom; or he uses them and then destroys them if it would suit his purposes better. But for those who are sincere followers of me, I delay the answers to their prayers if I see that they are mingled with selfishness, in order to give the person opportunity to search their hearts and come to me for cleansing so that their prayers and requests can be a part of their spiritual growth and the development of Christlike characters.

So to have your prayers answered, you must know me and hear my voice, and be in agreement with me about the subject of your request. I will not give to you something that will feed your egos and fill your purses and your houses with things that satisfy the unregenerate heart. But if you are to receive from me, you must ask of me things that I myself desire for you, and that which will further my kingdom and be to the glory of God and the eternal benefit for you and others. So answered prayer depends upon the cleanness of your heart and the purposes for which you are asking.

I desire and long to give you things that will draw us closer together and make your life happier and more Christlike in your character. I already have gifts of inestimable value that I am ready and willing and eager to give you when your hearts are right and the reception of the gift would draw us even closer together. Sometimes when people receive my gifts it drives them away from me because of pride and arrogance, and a desire to take the glory to themselves, whether it is wealth, fame, beauty, or talents. But when the gift is used to bring glory and honor and success to the spread of my kingdom, and to reflect my character of love to others who are in need, then my gifts to you are limited only by the use you make of them, for the source is unending.

So perhaps now you can see why I chose the word "reception." Gifts are given freely according to the reception they receive. I have an endless supply of gifts to give, but the amount that I give is determined by the reception and use of the gifts. Perhaps you recall the story of Jehoash, king of Israel, who was given an opportunity to completely destroy his enemy, the Arameans. But because of a lack of faith and oneness of spirit with me, he fell short of complete victory. [2 Kings 13:15-19.] So it is with each of you. Many people have a desire to excel in spiritual gifts, or to have victory over appetite or some other sin or character defect, but lack the drive and faith to persevere until the victory is won. This cannot be done by human nature alone, but it can and must be accomplished in the strength of the Spirit and a vital and continuing connection with me.

Many Christians will continue in their sins until death overcomes them, ever hoping and dreaming that someday they will gain the victory over a quick temper, the lusts and appetites of the fleshly nature, or some other besetting sins. But this kind of hope avails nothing because it is leaning upon the arm of flesh. They do not want to go through the fires of cleansing to obtain the precious gold of my perfect character. These persons like to believe that I will overlook their defects and cover them in their sins with the robe of my righteousness and call it righteousness by faith. But this kind of righteousness is not righteousness at all, nor is it faith. They are not righteous, because they have not sought me until they have found me. They have not repented and come home to me - they are satisfied to dream of my blessings, but they are yet in the pigsty eating with the pigs. They are nominal Christians who call upon my name but do not do my works because they do not know me personally. This is the condition of the Laodicean church. They consider themselves to be ready for my appearing, yet they do not possess the character which will give them total victory in the areas of their lives where sin has gained the victory over them. They must have the eyesalve that will open their eyes to my leading in their lives, and be able to hear the still, small, voice of my Holy Spirit speaking to them moment by moment. Beware to those who think they are ready for the wedding feast because they know about me, but do not know me and have a personal, ongoing, daily relationship with me.

The door of probation is still open, my friends. The sweet voice of my Spirit is still calling you to give up every secret and cherished sin, and the fleshly lusts and desires, and mistakes that you make because you do not call upon me for help, cleansing, and victory over the sins that so easily beset you! My love and forgiveness are beyond anything that you can fathom. But the reception of these gifts depends upon you. Open your heart's door to me and let me come in and cleanse your house and sweep it clean from things that you do that you hardly even notice anymore. You are so used to living with your unchristlike habits of thinking and behaving that you are satisfied to cohabitate with them. But if you truly let me come into your heart, I will restore the old waste places that sin has made, and give you victory over appetite, lust of the flesh, temper, irritations, criticism, worry, impatience, faithlessness, and all the other evidences of Satan's influence in your life, and restore you to myself bright and clean and ready for the reception of the latter rain.

Are you ready to open the door of your heart and receive me? If you do, I will replace every sin and defect with my righteous character, and you will have abundant joy and blessings, and my victory over sin and Satan. As you walk and talk with me I will take you safely through the days ahead until I come. So my message to you today is this: the choice is up to each of you, for I am no respecter of persons. The reception of my gifts is waiting for your positive response! Lovingly, Jesus.

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