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Spiritual Gifts

Dearest Ones,

The time has now come to talk to you about spiritual gifts. You have all been so faithful in cooperating with me in obtaining your deliverance from the influence of the demons who have claimed access to you through your inherited and cultivated tendencies to evil. So now I want to describe some of the gifts of the Spirit that are available for you to receive in latter rain power. Read in your Bibles Romans 12, 1Corinthians 12-14, and Ephesians 4. These sections of Scripture on the presence and use of spiritual gifts in the body of Christ bear much study and emulation of the principles that are outlined there. These gifts are available to all who cleanse their hearts from sin and selfishness and seek them with a heart of love for God and others.

The gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as he chooses and sees best [1Corinthians 12:11]. It is my purpose to open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it. This is the privilege of those who are cleansing their hearts of roots of sin and preparing to receive the fullness of the latter rain. All blessings come from the Sanctuary through the Holy Spirit which is sent from the throne of the Father and I as we work together to restore the human race back to its original purpose.

Our special blueprint for the human race has always been to replace the angels who fell with tested and tried overcomers who have obtained victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil. The 144,000 will together represent the complete blueprint of Lucifer, because before his fall, he was the highest of all the angels, and contained all their blueprints within himself. This is represented by the words: "Every precious stone adorned you." Eze. 28:13. Just as the high priest carried on his breastplate the 12 precious stones which represented all the 12 tribes of Israel, so also will the 144,000 represent all the tribes of spiritual Israel who have gained the victory over the devil and his lies. [Rev. 7:4; 14:4, 5.]

The great multitude of Revelation 14:9-17 whom no man can number represents the saved of all ages who will stand on the sea of glass in my kingdom. These, together with the 144,000, will fill the place that was vacated by the angels who fell. Thus, every spiritual gift will then be covered and replaced by the whole host of the redeemed, and every jewel will have been gathered into my kingdom without the loss of even one.

My plan of salvation is perfect and complete in all its aspects, and not one person will be lost who wishes to be there, and makes the supreme sacrifice of self, in order to receive the white robe of my righteousness. The 144,000 from every tribe of Israel will display the complete victory over every sin that I have made possible by my finished work on earth, and the completion of my intercession in the heavenly Sanctuary. As representatives of the whole human race, they will live during the time of the end when all the collected light will be shining upon the last generation. And "Unto whom much is given, much will be required." Luke 12:48.

Therefore, all the spiritual gifts will be present in the final remnant. It is up to you to avail yourselves of them, as outlined in the Scriptures. But they will be distributed according to the Holy Spirit's discernment of your ability and willingness to use them for God's glory and the advancement of His Kingdom. No selfishness or pride or exclusiveness will be permitted in those to whom gifts are given. All is to be done to bring honor to the Father of light from whom all gifts flow. And as gifts were poured out at Pentecost, so will they be poured out in greater measure during the latter rain.

Some of you may be asking about the gift of prophecy. This is a gift that is poured out upon those who speak for me through the inspiration and unction of the Holy Spirit. It is not simply a gift of writing or speaking eloquently. It is an inner recognition and understanding of what I am wanting to reveal to others through that person. All who are inspired by me to reveal light and truth through the inspiration of my Spirit have a gift of prophecy, although they may not be considered to be prophets. True prophets are chosen to speak for me to a particular generation or time period, and are singled out for a lifetime of service for me in that calling. These may or may not have dreams and visions. The prophets who are included in the canon of Scripture spoke not only for their own time but for all my people until the end of time, and especially for the final generation.

Likewise, the other gifts mentioned in Scripture come from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. For example, the gift of faith. Everyone must have a measure of saving faith that comes from me. But a person who has the gift of faith has a greater endowment of faith because of the character qualities they have received and exercised during their lives. So again I say, study the gifts that are described in Scripture, and ask me to bestow upon you the gifts you need for the work you are called upon to do. I will not fail to give you what you need, pressed down and overflowing from the throne room in heaven.

Now go to the duties of your day, but do not be afraid to ask me for further light and power to be effective workers in my vineyard. The more faithfully and fervently you ask, the more abundantly you will receive, because when you ask, it indicates that your heart is open for the reception of a greater measure of the Holy Spirit, and it will be my delight and sacred pleasure to anoint you with my blessings, and fill you with every spiritual gift that will draw you into a closer relationship with me. So ask and receive, that your joy may be full! Lovingly, Jesus.

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