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Dearest Ones,

I am happy today to see each of you drawing closer to me, learning to trust me, seeking me for help in every trial, and going forward in the work each of you have been called to do. With an army of soldiers like you, the work will soon be finished! The message of my love must go to the ends of the earth and reach every soul to give them an opportunity to come to a final decision concerning their soul salvation, and then the end will come. But do not put this off for many more years, for I am able to make this happen with lightning speed, through ways that you know nothing of. So keep your shoulder to the wheel and your eye on the goal, and I will do this swiftly, for the time has come. [Isa. 60: 22 - "The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly." NIV.]

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you today about commitment. I am committed to you with an undying, everlasting love which saw me through the portals of the tomb. The Father and I have covenanted together from before sin entered that we would do whatever necessary to reveal the extent of our love and the principles of our government and character to our created beings. When Satan chose to defect and cast doubt in the minds of the angels and eventually Adam and Eve, his challenge had to be met by fully displaying the truth in a way that would completely destroy the possibility of this ever arising again anywhere in the universe. This necessitated full disclosure of our character under all possible circumstances so that any possible question in the future would already have been answered.

So it must be with you. Your commitment to the cause of truth must be the same commitment that my Father and I have made to give whatever is necessary to save mankind. When you do this, you need never worry that your own needs will not be supplied. Just as in the case of the widow's oil, so I will keep supplying for you whatever you expend of yourselves for me - pressed down and running over. But for those who turn to the world, the light will go out, for the devil has attractions enough to fill your time and thoughts until probationary time runs out.

So I am grateful for all of you who are throwing your whole self into preparing yourselves, your families, and others, to be ready for my coming. The level of your commitment is pleasing to my soul. My heart is with you as you struggle against temptation and suffering of mind and body, and you can be assured that I will not allow the devil to tempt you above what you are able to bear. I only allow the devil to access you in the areas where you still need to be cleansed and come into agreement with me. Temptation is not a temptation unless it is on some point in your life that you have yielded to the devil before and you don't have complete victory over it as yet. So when you get into temptation, look to me at once, and exercise the faith of Jacob, who said to me, "I will not let you go unless you bless me."

Actually, I had come to him that night to give him the victory over his former sins and weaknesses, and to bless him as an overcomer so I could protect him from the evil designs of his brother, Esau, who was coming to kill him and his family. This will be replayed over again by my people at the end of time. You are the thorn in the flesh for the devil, for he sees you standing between him and his efforts to gain full and complete control over the human race. This battle, which is just before you, is the purpose for my daily messages to you. I want you to know me personally and have victory over every sin and the weaknesses of the flesh that have beset you and troubled you throughout your life, so there will be nothing left in you that will respond to the devil's temptations. I am drawing close to you and revealing myself and my thoughts to you so that I can strengthen you to be an overcomer in the final battle with Satan and receive the blessing that I have come to give you.

Some of you have been struggling in the darkness that Satan throws over you to tempt you to think that I am displeased with you. Don't believe it! Don't listen to the Devil's lies and attempts to discourage you! When any darkness comes over you, it is never from me - it is always a signal for you to know that the evil one is near you, and it is time for you to call out to me immediately, and claim my promises and hold on to me by faith until the dawn breaks forth in your mind and you connect again with my endless love and commitment to see you through the days ahead.

Then the question becomes, why will some people who claim to be Christians be lost, in spite of my ample provisions? It is because they do not persevere through the darkness into the victory as Jacob did, and thus they fail of receiving the prize. Satan has all kinds of counterfeit ways of relieving the darkness that he himself has brought upon you, such as: reaching out to connect with people who cannot help you toward heaven; indulging in appetite for the purpose of temporarily relieving stress; various types of entertainment; becoming immersed in work and business, and whatever indulgences and distractions that relieve the pressure to persevere through the darkness into the light of my presence. But I want to encourage you to keep your focus and your commitment to press into my presence with the faith of Jacob, and you, too, will receive the crown of victory which everyone receives from me as a reward for faith, love, and keeping the same commitment to me that my Father and I have for you!

Now go to the activities of the day, but be aware of anything that would take away your peace, joy, love, and security in me. Don't ever allow doubt or darkness to creep into your mind, for I assure you, it is never from me. For every trial that comes to you, I am waiting with open arms for you to come to me and receive the victory over that temptation that I have already won for you. When you walk in the light as I am in the light, you will have constant victory over the temptations of the evil one, and my blood will cleanse you from all sin. [1John 1:5-7.] So take heart my beloved ones! I have already overcome the world! And through my victory you also may have victory if you just remember that you can call upon me anytime and receive my help, for I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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