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Seeking Me with all your heart

Dearest Ones,

My thoughts are with you today because I see some of you sorrowing because of the adverse circumstances in your life. Satan is very agitated because he sees that some of my people are moving forward by faith and obedience to my call, and are escaping the Laodicean condition that so many are satisfied to remain in spiritually. Satan is determined to keep my people asleep on the borders of the kingdom and stop any progress toward receiving the seal of God and the latter rain. As you can see, errors are proliferating and taking large numbers of my people into false doctrines which satisfy the need to feel saved by works, or by grace that covers sin in the life without the cleansing that is necessary for purity and victory.

All false doctrines and beliefs come from an unsanctified heart, and a desire for salvation without full surrender to me and walking with me moment by moment in divine fellowship. It takes effort to do this, and entire surrender of sinful thoughts and practices. One must have an intense desire to seek me and know me and experience me. It takes daily prayer and study of the Word. It takes listening to my still, small voice for guidance amidst the trials of life and the temptations and onslaughts of the evil one to take you away from having a faith relationship with me. In order to withstand the pressures put upon you to turn away from your relationship with me, and thus lose the covering and protection and guidance that I provide, you must seek me with all your heart, for if you seek me, you will surely find me. [Matt. 7:7, 8.]

When I was on earth it grieved me greatly to see people turn away from my love and my salvation [John 6:66-68], and so it does now. But I now have a body of believers who are firm and strong in me and willing to go forward at all costs, and this is what I have waited for in the final generation, therefore there need be no more delay of my program to bring my children home. So let the fire fall, and let my year of redemption begin [Isa. 63:4], for my bride is cleansing herself of all sin and character defilement, and is preparing for the wedding feast of the Lamb. [Rev. 19:7-9.]

Go now to the activities of your day, but be fearful of nothing, because you are responding to my call and willing to give up everything worldly if you can have a part in my work and a place in my kingdom. This is all I require for entrance into heaven as members of the 144,000 who will stand with me on Mt. Zion with blameless characters [Rev. 14:1, 4] which have been washed in the blood of my sacrifice. [Rev. 7:14.] My only requirement is a moment by moment connection that allows me to work out my salvation in you. Let your fellowship be sweet and trusting today and every day until I come, and you will taste the joys of heaven even now, for our love for each other is a foretaste of heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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