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Root Issues

Dearest Ones,

Today I want to talk to you about "root issues" in your lives. [Matt. 15:13-20; Heb. 12:14, 15.] This is a subject that has not been clear to mankind in the past, because root issues will only be clearly understood by those who are alive when I finish my work in the Most Holy Place. This is the time when the depth of the sin problem is fully understood by my chosen ones, and confessed and forsaken completely so that I can blot out the record of their sins from the books of heaven. [Isa. 43:25.] Thus even the memory of their sins will be removed from the minds of those who participate with me in this final work of my grace in the closing moments of time. [Isa. 26:13, 14.] I cannot make an end of sin [Dan. 9:24] when my people are still sinning. So this work is of necessity a cooperative work between me and my people. Those who participate with me will be the 144,000 whose lives are blameless - the wave sheaf [Lev. 23:10-12] and first fruits [Ex. 23:19] of the earth, and the fulfillment of all my work of redeeming mankind from the problems that sin has caused. [Rev. 14:4, 5.]

Everyone who has lived since the fall of mankind has participated in both the roots and the fruit of sin, and has been defiled by the work of the devil in their lives. I am not blaming man for this inheritance, but for not partaking of the plan of salvation when it was brought to them. I have always had my witnesses in the world in every generation, and so I do now. That is why I have said, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matt. 5:16. And I want you to make every effort to let your light shine brightly in the world today, because you have the finishing message that honest souls must hear in order to be alive when I come. Those who want to remain in a continuing process of sinning and repenting will be among the foolish virgins. The roots of sin as well as the fruit of sin can be cleansed and removed by my blood, for as I had no sin in me, so that same purity of heart and life will be applied to everyone who participates with me now in my final work of cleansing in the Most Holy Place.

Do you wonder what will happen to people who never hear your message of cleansing and therefore do not have the opportunity to choose to be fully cleansed? I am responsible for bringing light to every person, and this I will certainly do through the witness and the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of the angels. If people turn away and reject the light that I send them on their current level of understanding, they will have refused the light that was necessary for their salvation; but if they respond to the light that I send, I will lead them on to further light until they reach the full measure that they need to be among the 144,000.

Not all of the righteous will be called to this experience because of their focus of interest and their capabilities. These will be laid away. But all who completely respond to my call to holiness will be enlightened, cleansed, and purified so that they can be alive at my coming and see me in my glory with the Father and all the holy angels without seeing death. But removing sin in any form or degree must all be done during the time while I am still in the Sanctuary before probation closes. This is the work that I am doing right now. So be diligent in seeking me daily and responding to my still small voice impressing and leading you to complete holiness and cleansing of all sin in your character.

Now go to your day with rejoicing, for the battle is almost over, and the victory against the world, the flesh, and the devil is in sight! Take heart and run the last part of the race as equally well as you began, and I will give you the strength you need, and the victory and the prize of salvation will soon be yours! Lovingly, Jesus.

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