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Dearest Ones,

I am pleased to share some thoughts of encouragement and blessings with you today. The harvest of the earth has come, for the precious grain is ripening under the effects of the things that I am allowing to come upon the world and its inhabitants. The wheat to be garnered in represents the hearts of my chosen ones who love and serve me with their whole hearts. These shine brightly against the backdrop of the deepening darkness in the world, and their lives are a blessing to all around them. The tares are also ripening for the harvest, and the chief characteristic of their lives is anger and hostility against both God and their fellow man. I have discussed the subject of anger with you in a previous message, but I want to continue with this subject on a different level. So my topic for today is "self-control." [Eph. 5:4-9; 1 Pet. 4:7, NIV.]

There is no character quality more necessary and important than self-control. By this I do not mean that the ability to control one's thoughts and reactions must come from self. But the ability to perceive the quality of one's thoughts, feelings, emotions and impulses, and make an accurate judgment about the origin and correctness of these internal processes is a rare commodity, but a necessary one to preserve holiness of character. Solomon described the importance of having wisdom in control of reason, and discretion instead of rashness:

"The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps. The wise fear the Lord and shun evil, but a fool is hot-headed and yet feels secure. A quick-tempered person does foolish things." Prov. 14:15-17, NIV.

Therefore I want to consider the necessity of ruling one's spirit and not giving way to unreasoning anger. I say unreasoning, because as soon as the mind perceives fear, a message is sent to the brain and body to either prepare to escape, or to attack the perceived threat. Many people have well-traveled brain pathways of self-protection which prevent them from looking to me and appealing for the help, strength, wisdom, and quality of self-control that comes from a connection with me through the power of the Holy Spirit. I was tempted in all points like as you are [Heb. 4:15], but was kept by the power of the Holy Spirit; and if you give yourselves wholly to me, I will plant my victory inside of your mind and emotions through the proper application of the engrafted Word and the power of the Holy Spirit living out my life in you.

Now you may ask, doesn't the Bible say that God has anger and wrath towards sinners? Yes, it does! But the anger of God is directed towards sin and its results, not toward the sinner himself, as is the case in the unrighteous anger of man. God's anger is directed toward the sinful characteristics that are being manifested by the flesh, and also the damage this will do to others. God's anger consumes anything which is against his kingdom and his character of love and goodness, which would stop the free flow of his creative and recreative power of love from reaching every person who desires to be free from the control of the devil.

Now I want to turn my attention to the cure for unrighteous anger. My righteous life is available to every man, woman and child who calls out to me for help in temptations and trials. All the unrighteous and unholy responses may be healed and blotted out, and replaced by my righteousness flowing through your mind and emotions. As you allow me to cleanse you of every shred of self and fill you with love, forgiveness and mercy, all the fruits of the Spirit will be available to you. Then you will live a life of restfulness, peace, and love for those around you. You can have heaven in your heart, even here on earth as you prepare for my coming. No unholy spirit will abide with me and mar the kingdom of heaven with the attributes of Satan! For you see, the root of anger is pride, and pride is the root of all evil and sin; and sin shall not rise again [Nah. 1:9], because all the members of my kingdom will be completely cleansed and healed of all sympathy with Satan and roots of evil. So be blessed today as you serve in my vineyard, and let all your heart and mind be filled with holiness and heavenly joy! Lovingly, Jesus.

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