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"Awaken O earth to the sound of the trumpet!"

Dearest Ones,

I am with you today as you travel to your speaking engagement. I will be with you as you share the truths that I have given you for the closing hours of earth's history. Therefore my subject for today is "Awaken O earth to the sound of the trumpet!" In the days of my people Israel, I instructed them to use the sound of the trumpet to guide the people. [Num. 10:1-10.] When I spoke my commands on Mount Sinai, I spoke with the sound of the trumpet [Ex. 19:19], and when I come again it will be with the sound of the trumpet to call my people home. [Matt. 24:31.]

The trumpet can mean many things. For those whose hearts are full of sin and are in rebellion against me, it produces fear and terror, because it is the sound of judgment and they have no protection or shelter. The sound of the trumpet to those who know and love me is full of love, for they know that it is my voice and they have no fear, because their hearts are right with me.

So it is now. The catastrophes around the earth produce fear and foreboding. But for my people, it is the sound of the approach of my coming, and this creates joy and happiness in anticipation of seeing me face to face. Thus I have a message for those who are looking with great anticipation to my coming: Help my sleeping people to awaken before it is too late! Some will never awaken, for it is the sleep of eternal death. But for others, it will be as water to the thirsty, because they are longing for something better than they have. So put the trumpet to your lips and call my people to the wedding of the lamb! Let them know that I am ready to come, but I will not close probation until every last sheep is within my fold. You can hasten that day by your willing and open testimony, and I will open doors and means for you to spread the message quickly.

So fear not to sound the trumpet and call my people to the closing hours of earth's history. And soon you will see the clouds part asunder, and the Son of Man [Matt.24:30] seated on His throne! [Rev. 3:21.] In the meantime, look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near! [Lu. 21:28.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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