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The Atonement Cover

Dearest Ones,

The sun is shining brightly today in your window and in your heart. I am pleased with your devotion to me, and your willingness to go all the way with me in following the advancing light from the courts of glory that I am shining upon you. As you go forward with me, the light that I am giving grows brighter and reaches into your hearts for your cleansing and preparation for the fullness of the latter rain.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you about the atonement cover over the Ark of the Covenant. This covering was there before Satan and sin entered the universe. First I want to explain the significance and deeper meaning of the word, atonement. At-one-ment is a simple way of breaking down the meaning for more clarity of comprehension. Under the atonement cover is a transcript of my law of love, which, when obeyed, keeps my created beings in perfect agreement and at-one-ment with me.

The Ark actually represents my heart and mind, and the foundation of my character, and thus the foundation of my government and the principles by which I function in everything I am and everything I do. But in order for it to be a covenant, there has to be a second party who accepts and agrees with the terms of the covenant, and in whose heart are also the same principles of life. The purpose of the law is not to demand or require obedience in order to receive my love, protection, and blessings. The purpose of the law is to reveal my heart to you and who I am and how I feel and function, so that you can see and accept the beauty and perfection and loveliness of my character, and my purposes for you, and come into agreement and oneness with my principles so that my love can flow unobstructed to you, and you can receive the benefits and blessings that our relationship brings to both of us.

I am the source of love, and by being in agreement with my principles of love, you open your heart to be a recipient of my love and also a conduit of my love to others. Sin is the element that obstructs that flow of love, because sin is disagreement with me and my principles. So when people feel that my sacrifice on Calvary provides for their salvation, while at the same time they can retain the privilege of continuing in any known sinful practice, they are really saying that they are not in agreement with my principles, and they love their sin instead of me, and are thus are in agreement with the devil. Agreement is about love. In other words, you love a sinful practice because you are in agreement with it. If you truly hate a particular sinful practice in your life, then you are in agreement with me, because I also hate sin, and if you look to me and connect with me, instead of looking to yourself and trying harder to quit in your own power, I will give you victory. But if you love your sin and keep connecting with it, your love for it and the reward you get when you indulge in it will keep you from gaining the victory over it. Just remember that when you indulge in any sinful thought or behavior, you have the power of the evil one to help you, because you are in agreement with him on some level, conscious or subconscious, and you must ask me to reveal to you the hidden roots of agreement with the devil, and come into agreement with me on that issue so I can free you from the power of the evil one and set you free from the sin that so easily besets you.

You do not have to be a slave to sin, but in order to be free, you must come into at-one-ment with me on the principles of my character, and then you will be victorious, just as I was when I was on earth, where I was always in connection and agreement with my Father on everything. That is why my perfect life is an atonement for you, because when you are coming into agreement with me, you receive my perfect agreement with my Father, and the principles of our character and our law of love. Then our love and power over sin and Satan can flow unobstructed to you and through you to others to help them understand what you understand, and how to have the relationship with me that you have.

Don't you want to enter into this Covenant relationship completely and permanently with me today? My arms are open wide for you to come and be healed. If you do, you will join with those who are under the atonement cover of my eternal Covenant of love to be by my side forever and enjoy the fruits of my sacrifice for you and the reward of the saved of all ages. And that reward begins now, for even now I want to be your best Friend and Companion as we walk together in love and fellowship and unity of heart, thought, and purpose. Your experience with me here is the daily preparation to be with me in heaven, for with me by your side in perfect agreement and unity, Satan will have no more access to you, and for you, heaven will begin here. Lovingly, Jesus.

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