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Dearest Ones,

Today is preparation day for you and for all of us in heaven, too, for we are very busy on the Sabbath hours visiting all of our people around the world. It is a joyful day to join in your worship and songs of praise, and to influence your thoughts and inspirations as you study the Sabbath School lesson together, and listen to what is presented during the worship hour.

But it is also a day of sadness sometimes when we observe the laxity of the members in many churches where the Holy Spirit is not recognized or desired, and strange practices have been instituted, such as snacks and food in the foyer, etc. If I were there in person, I would do as I did in the Jewish temple and over turn the tables and cleanse out the money changers and draw the people to me who really want to hear the truth for this time. That is why I am so blessed in my soul by your eagerness to hear the messages and inspiration from heaven that I send to you each day, and especially on Sabbath as you meet together to worship and praise me and hear the words that are spoken in the Spirit and not the flesh.

Now the topic for today. It is freedom. You may think this to be a strange subject, but you will see the importance and relevancy as I share the rest of the message with you. First I want you to consider the deeper meaning of the text, "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32. When I spoke those words to the Jews, they answered, "We are Abraham's descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?" My reply to them is the topic I want to talk to you about today: "Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin." Verse 34.

There is something in the heart of man that needs an identity. I placed that need there at creation, for Satan challenged my identity in heaven, and wanted to take over my throne and replace me beside my Father. He was not satisfied with the exalted blueprint that I had assigned to him. Instead, he became deceived by pride and self-sufficiency, and desired my position beside the Father. And so it is with everyone who sins. To everyone I have bequeathed a specific, special, unique blueprint and identity, and a place to work for me. As we have talked about before, every day ordained for every person was written in my book before one of them came to be. [Psalms139:13 -16.] You are mine by design, and you have a purpose and identity unlike no other person. That is why Satan tries as early as possible in your life to obscure this design and take over your identity and write into your mind and heart his own designs for you.

You see, whoever you are in agreement with, has access to the control centers of your brain. So when you are in agreement with me, I have access to your mind through the influence of the Holy Spirit. I can then guide and direct you even from your earliest moments, and throughout your life. But Satan's plan is to get an entryway into your mind through negative experiences and false theories, and through these he damages the receptors of your mind, and intercepts the communication lines to your brain and warps your concept of life and of yourself and of your original blueprint.

But I have provided a way back for you from the enemy by my perfect life and my sacrifice for you to win back your allegiance and set you free from the false identity Satan has given you, and implant once again the original plan that I gave you in the beginning of your life at conception. Sadly, many people will never know my love for them and my original plan for them because they have accepted the lies of the devil and do not come to me for healing. But I will have a great multitude who have accepted me through the ages, who will greet me with joy at my coming.

Now I want to talk specifically about the 144,000 who will live through the time of trouble and be alive to see me come in the clouds of my glory. This is a special group who have allowed me to restore them completely to the original blueprint plan for their lives. All will have gone through the deep waters of cleansing from every lie of the devil and every damage that he has done to them to destroy their identity and their connection with me. For example, when a child experiences any kind of trauma or perception of rejection or abuse, Satan has an entry way into its mind to plant seeds of doubt about itself, me, others, and the world it lives in. Immediately fear and self-protection takes hold of mind and emotions, and Satan begins to suggest carnal ways of handling these fears and emotions, and the warping of the child's mind begins.

To some extent, this has happened to everyone, and Satan has planted lies in the minds of everyone. Fortunate are the children whose parents have a connection with me to help the children to grow up with love and emotional security and a knowledge of me from infancy. But no one has completely escaped being damaged in some way by the evil one. To the extent that Satan's lies have been accepted, believed, and acted upon, - to that extent the cleansing and healing of the mind and emotions and thinking must take place in the lives of those who live through the end. Every lie of the enemy must be seen and put away forever, and those sins will be put back upon the head of the scapegoat, the devil, who is the father of lies. Not one lie must remain, for the 144,000 will be pure and blameless, and fully restored from the inroads that sin has made in their lives.

So this is how truth will set you free. Every false identity will be swept away in the light of truth which I will reveal to you in the cleansing process. And then you will be completely restored to be the people I originally created you to be. Do you see how this correlates with the sealing process? How can you be sealed if you are still believing and acting upon even one lie of the devil? But when you completely cooperate with me as I reveal to you every false concept and idea that the devil has told you, and reject those lies and come into complete and perfect agreement with me on everything, the Holy Spirit then puts his stamp of approval upon you, and you are then sealed for eternity. Thus, the latter rain can fall upon you, unobstructed, and the devil will have no more access to you, because you are no longer in agreement with him on anything! [Compare with John 12:31: "Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out."]

Isn't that something to cause rejoicing in your heart? So walk with me today, and let the Spirit's cleansing and revealing power go deep into your heart, mind, and emotions until the light of his presence will find a completely clean vessel to use for my glory! Hasten into the Temple, while the door is still open, for in the Sanctuary are the keys to your complete restoration! [See EW 32, 33, and 78, 79.]

Go now to your Sabbath preparations, but keep close to me so that I can guide you and protect you from the enemy who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to take you off guard and destroy your peace and connection with me. But hasten into my presence, and I will guard you and keep you safe. You are my prized possessions, and I love you more than you can know. Come into my presence this evening and tomorrow, and you will receive a special blessing from me! Lovingly, Jesus.)

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