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The Sabbath

Dearest Ones,

How glad I am to share the Sabbath with you today, and my people around the world. It is always a high day in heaven, for on the Sabbath day my people lay aside the hustle and bustle of daily activities and focus their attention upon the worship service and the study of my truth. Thus, the minds of the worshippers are more susceptible to my voice than at any other time. That is the purpose of the Sabbath, for the human mind needs regular intervals of rest and re - creation through an intimate love relationship with their Creator, who is the source of life and happiness. Therefore the topic for today is "the Sabbath."

From the beginning of time I have created the need for cycles in life. There are the cycles of the sun, moon, and stars of the sky, and all planets and orbs and galaxies in the heavens have precise cycles through space, and all show the handiwork of my Father's majesty and wisdom. But even the smallest of creatures and plants of earth are tuned to cycles of life. The Tree of Life in heaven's garden has cycles of 12 fruits, and monthly cycles of bearing fruit for the life of those who partake of it. You need not know about all these things now, for you will study them in heaven. But I want to point out this morning that the weekly cycle of the Sabbath is not only spiritually important but physically, mentally, and emotionally important as well. All of creation is dependent upon divine sustenance, and there are precise laws that regulate everything. The health and happiness of human life is regulated by God in harmony with the regularity of the systems which he has set up. The human body is an example of this. There are times for work and times for rest. There are times for eating and drinking and times for abstinence. And the more closely a person adheres to these life cycles, the greater the opportunity for longevity, health, and happiness, because they are ordained and sustained by God.

But the Sabbath is unique in that it is specifically set apart for communion with God and regeneration of all the life systems. This is not just a day of rest and spiritual recreation. It is a day of connecting with your Creator and all the life forces that were given to you in the creation process itself. Just as a car needs to be periodically replenished with gasoline to run the engine, so human beings need the replenishing of heaven's power from God to keep healthy in every facet of their being. That is why keeping any other day is a matter of works and selfpreservation. God is exact in all his requirements because He has laws upon which everything functions, and everything is dependent upon Him for life, health, and happiness.

So today, my beloved ones, look to your heavenly Father for a renewal of life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The Holy Spirit is the agent of that life, and my Father and I rejoice to send it to you, not only on the 6 days of labor, but in double portion on Sabbath, for it is the day set aside in heaven to concentrate wholly upon our people for a bestowal of special blessings.

Go now to the activities of this Sabbath, but be assured that I will be with you to bring you the peace and heavenly rest and blessings that I have promised to you. Lovingly, Jesus.

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