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Heavenly Trumpets

Dearest Ones,

Today my thoughts are on the subject of heavenly trumpets. Trumpets in the Old Testament were used as a method of communication. The sound of the trumpet is one of alert, and communicates attention and urgency. Even in war, the trumpet calls men to be ready for action. Throughout the Bible I used the sound of the trumpet to indicate something of importance requiring decisions and action. [Num.10:1-10.] So today I am allowing the things that are happening around the world to be a type of trumpet call to arouse my people to action in spreading the truth quickly so that people may get ready for my second coming and the events preceding that event.

Although there is an awakening beginning because of the ominous things that are happening around the world, there is still a reticence among my people to preach the imminence of my appearing because of the great disappointment in 1844, and the fear of repeating this experience. But those who feel this way forget that I have mandated in Revelation 10:11, "You must prophesy again." This means that I want my remnant church to prophesy again about my second coming. To do this, you must be awake and recognizing that the signs that have been predicted are now being fulfilled. As the children of Israel were alerted by trumpets for ten days before the Day of Atonement, so I am now sending messages through the things that are happening around the world. Those who take heed and prepare their lives for my coming will be ready, and those who neglect the warnings and do not prepare will be found wanting.

There has never been a time in history that I did not send messengers and signs in the earth to warn the people when I was about to do something significant that the world needed to know. That is why my prophets were called to give warnings to their generation. So I have a prophetic movement whose members are to maintain their vigilance and the power of their preaching to announce the imminence of my second coming. No other church has the understanding of my second apartment work in the heavenly Sanctuary. And to them is given the privilege of announcing not only my entrance into that work in 1844, but now the finishing of that work and the preparation necessary to be ready, not only for my coming, but also for the close of human probation, which precedes my coming.

Not much is being said or thought about the importance or imminence of the close of probation, but it is equally, and even more urgent than the beginning of my work in the Most Holy Place, because it closes the cases of every soul on earth, both of the dead and of the living. This is the significance of the parable of the ten virgins who were sleeping until the call went forth, "Behold the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him." [Matt. 25:6.] Then those who were prepared trimmed their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom, but those who had no oil were left unready and unprepared. I am now sending messages to my people to alert them before it is too late to get ready. That is purpose for the blowing of trumpets. They sound shrill, urgent notes to tell people that something is about to happen that will change their lives forever. Those who heed these warnings will be saved, and those who do not will be caught unprepared in the impending doom.

There are trumpets sounding now in society and in the world itself which are omens* of the end of all things. Catastrophes around the world of various types and intensities, unrest in society and in nations, and threats of war, portend even greater things when I bid my angels to lose the winds of strife. As there were ten plagues upon Egypt which liberated my people, so the seven last plagues will be catastrophic events that will loosen the hold of the nations in their demon propelled determination to kill my people. Of course, I will protect, guard, and deliver my people from their hands, but I am now sending warnings to get into the hiding place of my protection while there is yet time. [Isa. 26:20, 21.]

Do you hear trumpets sounding around the earth? That is my signal to come into full agreement with my cleansing work for you in the second apartment of the heavenly Sanctuary where I am blotting out the sins of my people who are coming into the hiding place under the shadow of my wings. [Ps. 91.] I am waiting for you even now to hear my warnings in the thunder and in the storm, and my still small voice in your hearts to come into complete harmony and agreement with me on every issue of your lives so you will be sheltered when the plagues begin to fall. And those of you who hear my voice and respond, lift up your voice like a trumpet and call those who are willing to come into the ark of safety before it is too late. My Sabbaths are a sign of my seal upon you [Ex. 31:13], and my seal is the sign of my protection. [Rev. 9:4.]

Go now to the activities of your day, but keep your hearts open to my voice, and let others know what you know so that they also can be prepared and ready for my coming. Lovingly, Jesus.

* Google "trumpets in the sky."

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