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Dearest Ones,

My heart is open to hear your prayers and supplications today as always. Every day brings us closer to the day of my coming, and everything you experience is an opportunity for communication between us. I am not an absentee God, but a constant Friend who is concerned about everything you go through, and I want to walk beside you and help you bear your burdens and give you counsel and peace and rest of spirit. This is the purpose for which I created mankind. The beasts of the field are mine [Ps. 50:10, 11] and I derive pleasure from seeing them enjoy their lives together. But only mankind was created for fellowship with me as a friend and companion who could understand my ways and my counsel and share the joys of my universe together. Although sin has marred this relationship, I look forward to the time when all things will be restored and made new and sin will be eradicated forever. Then as the years of eternity roll on, your joy and love will increase and the capacity for mental, emotional, and spiritual achievement will expand with use.

So today my subject for contemplation is "perfection." This is a subject that causes fear in the hearts of many people because they see it to be a divine command, or standard, that is impossible for human nature to reach. Apart from me, this is true, because of the fallen nature where sinful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors become inevitable because they spring from the carnal heart. But by my life, death, resurrection, and ministry in the heavenly Sanctuary, a way has been provided to come into harmony with me, and to be restored to the original purpose for your creation.

Therefore, the goal of every Christian should be to get to know me as a personal Companion and Friend, and allow me to guide you through each day by my indwelling Spirit, and your mind will grow and be transformed through our relationship together. In order to reach the perfection that I have made available to you, the connection with me needs to be constant, just as a child depends upon his parents for guidance and protection and love. I came to earth to provide a way back to my original purpose for mankind through a faith relationship with me; but this has to be voluntary on your part, for I will never force anyone to love me and appreciate my thoughts and ideas for you. The closer you follow my plan for your life, the greater will be your happiness and spiritual attainments.

I do not place a ceiling on anyone's growth and development, or closeness with me. That is determined by each person's choice and desire. But what I do require is agreement with me on all points of my law. The law is not a restriction, but a goal. It prevents anyone from being satisfied with a combination of good and evil in their characters. One incidence of cherished sin mars the character and opens the door for the evil one to come in and influence the mind in all other areas as well. That is why perfection of character is the goal, for Satan is not satisfied to have just one corner of your heart, but once you agree with him in one area, he works to get control of your whole life. The only safety against his influence is total surrender to my Spirit and total harmony between us in all areas of your life.

My law is a protection against danger, heartache and misery. This is why my final generation must come into total agreement with me in all areas of their lives in order to receive the seal of God in their foreheads. This seal indicates that their whole minds have come into agreement with my principles and my mind, and thus they are prepared for the full outpouring of my Spirit. Only these will be spared and protected during the great time of trouble and be alive to see me come in all my glory. Only they can stand before me without seeing death, for my glory consumes sin of any kind, and those who have neglected or refused to cleanse themselves of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit [2 Cor. 7:1] will be consumed with their sin.

However, I do not wish to belabor the negative, but I urge you to reach for the positive, which is to have total agreement and fellowship with me moment by moment each day of your lives until I come. Your reward will be great in the kingdom of heaven, and on this earth peace and joy in your hearts as you sense my presence in your lives and see the miracles of grace that I will do to sustain and strengthen and provide for everything you need.

Now go to the activities of your day, but trust me and look to me every moment, for I will never leave you nor forsake you to the plans of the evil one, for he is always looking for ways to tempt or harass you to make you think that I am not with you. Do not listen to dark voices, for they never come from me. Keep your eyes focused upward on my eternal plan for you, and your faith and courage will be strengthened to meet the challenges of each day. And always keep in mind that you are never alone, for I am always just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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