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The Shaking

Dearest Ones,

Today is a very special day because I see my people moving forward, coming into line all over the earth, hearing the trumpet sounds of my warnings in nature and in society, and being ready to preach my last warning message with clarity and power as I shall direct them.

Today the subject is "the shaking." As I have prophesied by my faithful servants throughout history, before my coming there will be a shaking among those who profess to know and follow me, for it must take place so that I can have a cleansed remnant all speaking the same message. Then the trumpet will give a clear signal that will awaken the people of earth to the meaning of the things that are happening, and the things that are about to transpire.

It does no good for me to send signs in the earth if I have no one giving a clear interpretation of what they mean. It is inevitable that some people will be leaders and some followers; and to those that I have bestowed the gift of leadership, I expect a harvest of souls who are looking to leaders for answers, and clarity of truth. This means that leaders should be deep students of the Word, and the corresponding truths in the Spirit of Prophecy. Unfortunately the inspired writings of the Spirit of Prophecy are being downplayed at the very time that their greatest fulfillment is coming to pass. I prophesied that it would be so! Nevertheless, I have some leaders and people who are faithful and true and are seeing the signs and accurately interpreting them, and to these I bequeath the power of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain to preach the message clearly and give the trumpet a certain sound.

At this time you see a rapid growth of believers in the truths of the Three Angels' messages around the world. The gospel net is bringing in believers of every kind. But let persecution arise, as it soon will, there will come a shaking of those who have been surface readers only, and not fully grounded in the deeper aspects and requirements of the truth. Do not be dismayed at this, for it must take place in order for the church to be purified in order to become the army that I need to oppose the foe and bring victory to my cause in the earth.

Remember Gideon's army! He started with 32,000 volunteers [Judges 7:3] and ended with 300 men who were totally devoted to the cause and ready to give their lives for the side of victory. This is an example of what I must find among my professed followers at the end of time! I need a group of people who are totally dedicated to me and to the cause, and who have cleansed themselves of all filthiness of flesh and spirit [2 Cor. 7:1] and are ready to move at my slightest command. With such an army I will win the victory against the devil and all his hosts of darkness, and only the truth will prevail.

Can you see the necessity of this cleansing and purging of my present followers? I did the same thing when I was on earth. In the beginning of my ministry, many followed me for the loaves and fishes, or to watch me perform miracles, or just for the sake of something out of the ordinary or unusual to do. My teachings were practical and understandable - so unlike the religious leaders of the day. That is why I said things that were hard to understand, such as, "eat my flesh and drink my blood." [John 6:53-58.] This is a profound truth, but one that is not understood by the natural mind, and many of my followers left me at that time [vs 66]. Had I allowed the non-spiritual disciples to follow me all the way to the Cross, their defection at that time would have been an overwhelming disappointment and influence upon my true followers.

So it is now. There are many dry leaves among my followers who have no connection to the Living Vine. They are not prepared for the rigors of the last days, or the persecution that will occur. They are anchored nowhere and will easily go out when the pressure gets high to conform to the requirements of the laws that will be made against my truth and my people.

But I must have a Gideon's band who know the truth and are dedicated enough to it and to me to proclaim it in trumpet tones, and fear not for their lives. These are my called, chosen, and faithful ones [Rev.17:14] who go with me through the end and will stand unflinchingly for the truth and glorify me before the world. I am counting on you to trust in me through this time, which is just ahead, and remember that you cannot fail, because I am with you to sustain and strengthen and protect you through the end until I come. Do not fear the threats of the devil or his followers. I have conquered him on the cross of Calvary for you, and as long as you trust in me, this victory over the devil and all his angels is yours.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your heart directed upward and look not down at the darkness below, or listen to the siren sounds of the world and is temptations. Let the green cord of your faith grow strong as you hold on to me, and soon you will swing over to the other side and be at home with me. [See 2 T. 595-597.]

Farewell for now, but never forget that I am never far from your side, for I am, as always, just a prayer away. Lovingly Jesus.

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