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Your Duty

Dearest ones,

I love you with an everlasting love that flows from eternity to eternity. All who step into that river of love which comes from the throne of my Father and I will drink of the water of life and eat the fruit of the tree of life that is in the garden of God. Now the time for my coming draws near, and my heart desires to prepare you for what lies ahead. The last movements will be rapid ones, as I have already spoken through my servant, Ellen White. But no pen can picture the chaos in the world that will take place when the winds of strife are loosed. I do not want any of my chosen ones who have followed me faithfully during the time of preparation to be a part of this chaos, for it is a result of the accumulated wickedness of mankind, and a retribution for resisting my Spirit during the sealing time and the latter rain, and refusing the last call of the loud cry to come into the ark of safety under the shadow of my protecting wings.

I must let this happen because it is the result of the personal choice of the wicked who have turned their hearts against me and refused to accept my salvation. But it grieves my heart to see the devastation and destruction of the world that I have made for my glory and pleasure, and to endure the destruction of men and beasts and hear their cries for help. The end of all things will be a time of grief for my Father and I and all of heaven, for we do not relish the suffering and death of those who have refused to accept our love and grace, but have chosen eternal death instead.

During that time of tribulation, I will protect my faithful ones who have followed me through the end and preached my message faithfully. I will spare them and protect them as a man spares his own son whom he loves, and they will be safe in the hollow of my hand, just as I spared Noah and his family at the time of the flood, and Lot and his family when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Angels will guard and guide you to places of safety, and will shield and provide for you whatever you need. [Ps. 57:1; Ps. 91; EW 56.] The munitions of the rocks will be your hiding place [Isa. 33:16], and some will be left in their secluded homes through the time of trouble. [Isa. 32:17-20, pref. NIV; EW 34.] I do not want you to worry about these things for the time is not yet, for the final message must be preached to the world, and then the end will come.

Your duty now is to follow me faithfully each day, and walk with me and get to know my voice in your hearts and follow the plan for your life everyday day as I shall direct. As I have said before, every day ordained for you was written in my book before one of them came to be [Ps. 139:16], and today is another day of my plan for you that shall be fulfilled as we walk together. I am not a hard taskmaster! I want to walk side-by-side with you every moment of your day. I want to use your hands, your feet, and your voice to bless others around you. I know what challenges and duties you will meet today, and I want to help you through each one. The preparation for tomorrow is made through your walk with me today. I do not ask for more than one day at a time, and each moment of that day is an opportunity for me to share my love for you and help you to spill it out to others around you. As you do this, you will be growing in grace and wisdom and ability to witness for me just by your life.

When I was on earth I lived the common life of man, especially during the first 30 years. But I purposed that no day would pass without sharing my Father's love with someone. Many who followed me during the days of my active ministry were those whose lives I touched during those first 30 years. So I count little deeds of kindness, little words of love shown to others as great as the more spectacular deeds that attract the attention of others. When I changed the water into wine or fed the multitudes with a child's lunch, I was no more beloved by my Father than when I sat at the well and talked with the woman of Samaria. [John 4:7.] It is God who waters the increase of whatever you do for one of the least of these who are seeking for me.

So today as you go about your day, count every moment as sacred, for you will never have that moment again, for it will pass into eternity. But if it is a moment when you and I are connected and you are living in the Spirit, it is a special moment of time in the great river of eternity. Go now to your activities of the day, but listen for the still small voice of my Spirit giving you comfort and love and direction. If you do this you cannot fail to please me and honor my name to all around you, no matter how large or small your sphere of influence. And always remember that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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