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The Trumpets are Blowing

Dearest Ones,

I am about to speed up the blowing of trumpets around the world to warn the world of its coming doom. [Amos 3:6.] There is to be a short time while I am yet holding the winds of strife, but the inhabitants of the earth will soon know what it means to break my covenant of peace and throw righteousness in the streets. Trumpets have always been warnings of coming war and disaster, and both of these will soon burst upon the world as a last warning to come into the hiding place of safety. [Isa. 26: 20, 21.] I am loath to do this, for my heart of love and mercy has not changed. But for every day that I wait, souls are being swept into perdition. You do not see this as I do, because you cannot see the whole world and the hearts of the masses of humanity. So I am telling you as my bride what I see and what I am about to do.

The world has never seen what is about to happen when I remove my protecting hand and let the winds go. But I cannot permit wickedness to prosper and my people to remain in the land of the enemy much longer. There is no purpose for it now, when sin has reached its zenith and Satan has almost full control. All that remains now is the final work of reaping that will be done under the power and the glory of the latter rain. Then probation will close and the end will come.

Do you realize that I can do this now because of your response to my advice to the Laodiceans? [Rev. 3:14-22.] Lukewarm and self-satisfied, my people have gone about their daily lives as though my coming was far off, not seeing the gathering storm on the horizon, like children playing in the sand on the seashore, oblivious of the towering wave sweeping in upon them. By this I do not mean that the many good things that are being done are not pleasing to me, where souls are being reached daily around the world, and the gospel of salvation is heard by many who have never before given their lives to me. This work is necessary, and is blessed by me.

But the nearness of my coming and how to participate in the cleansing that precedes my coming is vital, for this is what I am doing now in my work in the heavenly Sanctuary. Since I do nothing without your knowledge, understanding, and cooperation, this work is being hindered by a lack of knowledge among my people. Instead, the gospel is being preached in its simplest form, and therefore people are not being prepared for the great day of God and the close of probation which is so soon to come.

So now you may be asking, what is the solution to this dilemma? First, I need people who are fully armed and equipped to understand and guide people into all the light of truth for this time. No half-hearted efforts will suffice. Preaching the Three Angels Messages with the light that the pioneers had in the 1844 movement is not adequate now, for then I was just beginning my work in the Most Holy Place. Now I am ending my work with the additional light, truth, and understanding of the judgment of the living, and how to be cleansed from every sin and lie of the devil. This should not come as a surprise, for it is clearly taught in the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen White. [GC 424, 5.]

Unfortunately, most people are not studying to find out what is really hindering my coming, and so are believing that I cannot come until every soul has heard the unique doctrines of the Seventh - day Adventist church. While it is true that the messages of the three angels, combined with the fourth, will be heard around the world before probation closes, you cannot see how many people have already chosen their leader and have shut the door of their hearts against me. The light of the fourth angel will only madden them to a frenzy and a desire to kill my messengers, because they are already possessed by demons.

So please leave to me the judgment of how many people are yet to hear the gospel message and are willing to receive it. What I am asking of you is to preach the message of the cleansing and blotting out of the sins of my people, and the closeness of the close of probation. Thus the sleeping virgins will be aroused before it is too late. [Joel 2:1, 15-17; Zeph. 2:1-3.]

Come, my beloved ones -- you who are alert and watching through the discernment of my Holy Spirit, do not be afraid of what you may be called upon to suffer [Rev. 2:10], for I will guide you through the perilous days ahead and not a hair of your head shall perish. [Lu. 21:18.] I am your Leader and you can safely trust in me. Only be faithful to your calling, and preach the message of my coming, and how to cooperate with me in my work of cleansing and blotting out of every sin, and I will take the responsibility of seeing that it gets to every soul who is seeking for the light on these matters. Be faithful to me and I will be faithful to you, and before you are finished going through the cities and towns of Israel, I will come and take you home. [Matt. 10:23.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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