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All Mysteries to be made Known

Dearest Ones,

The time is near when all mysteries will be made known to my people. As the years have gone by, each generation has had a part in the development of the light which was necessary for them to fulfill the purpose of their calling in the stream of time. Each generation looked through a glass darkly at the future when more light would be revealed. But all generations were looking forward to the culmination of the ages and the fulfillment of all prophecies which would take place in the final remnant just before my second coming. This is where we have now come, and those who overcome all sin and go through the cleansing necessary to be among the finished product of the entire plan of salvation will live to see me come in the clouds of heaven.

Now the full light of the ages will shine upon this generation to give them understanding of the secrets which have been hidden from those who did not live in this time in history. So you have a sacred responsibility to preach the things that I am sharing with you, and not to hold back until everything is made clear, but to share what you can understand and you will receive more light and understanding as the scroll unrolls. I will be by your side through the presence of the Holy Spirit and the angels who are assigned to help you and guide you as you study the Word and seek for light from its pages every day.

Everyone in every age has had to face the persecution of unbelievers and scoffers, and remain steadfast through a connection with me. So do not be surprised when you meet the same spirits that come from beneath, for Satan is deathly afraid of your messages on the trumpets and the cleansing from sin. These things open the door of hope to people who are laboring to face every new day, not understanding how to overcome their besetting sins and to have victory and hope and peace in their lives. Never succumb to discouragement because the way is hard and the devil puts stumbling blocks in your way to make you doubt your calling and the reward that awaits you. You will yet see success as you battle against opposition, and win the victories that come through perseverance.

Now go to the activities of your day, but look to me for assurance and courage, for when you become discouraged, your mind cannot connect with me to receive the strength and healing that you need in order to be strong in the strength of the Lord. But always remember that no matter what you are feeling in a given moment, I am still with you whether you can sense my presence or not. All of heaven is on your side, and my Father is bending over the battlements of heaven to hear your praises and your cries for help, and to send you encouragement.

Never yield to discouragement, but strengthen the avenues of your brain by exercising faith under all circumstances, and the windows of heaven will open to bring you light and hope and courage for every battle. If you remember these things you will come off more than conquerors in the war against the world, the flesh, and the devil, and you will be able to assist your fellow travelers along the pathway to glory! Lovingly, Jesus.

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