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Dearest Ones,

I want to talk to you today about "cleansing." Without holiness no one will see God [Heb. 12:14], and holiness is agreement with God [5T 743]. Therefore, you and I must be in agreement on everything in order for you to see me in the person of my holiness and glory when I come. When I walked upon earth, my glory was veiled with humanity. But that will not be so when I come again to receive you unto myself. There will then be no veil between. So now is the preparation time for that event, which is so soon to come. This is what the Investigative Judgment is all about. When I come, the character of every person will have been fixed forever. Probation closes when the case of every soul has been investigated and found either guilty or perfected. The perfection process is the Investigative Judgment of the living, which takes place after the Judgment of the dead has been completed. The Judgment of the living is in progress now, which will prepare my people to stand through the time of trouble without sin. During this time I will reveal to each person the secrets of their heart [1 Cor. 4:3-5] that have accumulated on the records in heaven, and as they cooperate with me daily, I will blot out those sins that are repented of, confessed and forgiven. [Acts 3:19-21.] Then the seal of God can be placed upon the foreheads of those who have fully and completely participated with me in this process [John 6:27; Rev. 7:2], and the latter rain will be poured out upon them as the sign of my approval. Their cleansed minds and characters will then be an exact duplicate of mine, for I will have placed my perfect righteousness in their hearts and minds in place of the sins which they have confessed and forsaken [Eph. 1:9-14; Col. 1:27, 28], and they will be pure and holy for eternity.

You see, sin erupted in heaven when Satan began to doubt my character, my precepts, and my intentions. He thought he saw a way that was better. Thus, the root of sin is disagreement with me and my principles on some issue. But when these questions and disagreements are seen for what they are and repented of, light shines into the soul of the sinner, and agreement and holiness takes place. I cannot and will not ever tolerate sin and sinners into heaven again. All who go there will have all their questions answered about my law and my character while on this earth. Not that there will be no questions which will be answered in heaven, but the questions will be from a desire to learn, not from a rebellious spirit.

Those who wish to go through the end without seeing death can do so on one condition. You must be willing to go through whatever I allow to come to you which will bring up uncleansed areas in your character which I see that are still in disagreement with my principles and my character -- or thoughts and feelings [5 T. 310] -- about every issue in your life. In the experiences that I allow you to go through, I will reveal these defects to you; and if you bring these to me for forgiveness and cleansing, and come into full agreement with me over every point, I will forgive and cleanse you and give you my thoughts and feelings and my victory. Then I will blot out the record of your sins from the books of record in heaven. Then you will be clean before me, and in perfect harmony with me, for you will have my righteous character stamped upon your mind forever.

Does this sound like something you are willing to go through in order to be prepared for my coming? If so, I will not cease until you are a finished product of my righteousness. But for those who refuse and rebel, their names will be blotted out of the book of life and put into the register of those who will be lost. This may seem arbitrary to some, but eternal salvation is the reward of those only who are willing to be cleansed of every idol and every sin that has sullied their soul temple. I am being clear with you today on these things because I see you coming into line with me on every issue that I have revealed to you, and I am very pleased with the beauty of your characters as they are being formed into my image through the power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the engrafted Word.

Go now to the activities of your day, but watch for the leading of my Spirit in even the smallest detail, for the voice of my Spirit is still and small, and can easily be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of your daily life. I love you with all the love I had for you on Calvary, and now the love of a bridegroom for his bride as he sees the approach of the day of the wedding. I am yearning for the reign of sin to be over so that peace can be restored in the universe, and that I can have my precious ones by my side forever. That day is coming soon; so look up and lift up your heads, for the day of redemption is in my heart, and I will make a short work in the earth, and then come to claim my inheritance. My people who have loved and followed me and have overcome are all my joy! Lovingly, Jesus.

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