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Faithfulness under Trial

Dearest Ones,

Today my topic is "faithfulness under trial." As the days grow shorter until my coming, the efforts of the evil one to overcome you will become stronger. As he sees you having victory over his temptations, his attempts to discourage you and win the battle over you will become more determined and intense, because he knows that if he cannot overcome you, he will lose the war against the government of God. His anger, fear, and rage know no bounds, for his very life is at stake. So his plan of attack is to either seduce or destroy my people so that there will be no living saints when I come. Of course, that will never happen, because I will miraculously protect my people through the time of trouble, but Satan feels that he has no other recourse as he sees his days of opportunity running out. He will also try to deceive even the very elect by appearing upon earth as the long-awaited Messiah [LDE 162-166; GC 624], and although I will not permit him to counterfeit the manner of my coming, the people on earth who have accepted his lies will be deceived, and welcome him as their lord. But my people will not be deceived, for they have studied my Word and the Spirit of Prophecy, and will know him to be the deceiver.

As a last resort he will inflame the wicked to put my people to death, but their evil plans will be interrupted by the events surrounding my coming in the upheaval of the earth and its destruction as you see it now. Then sin and sinners will be no more until the last confrontation between good and evil at the end of the 1000 years when I raise the wicked to stand before me for their judgment. Then the eternal fire which precedes from the throne of God will come down upon them and consume them, along with Satan and his angels. [Rev. 20:9.] At last the world and the universe will be forever cleansed of the terrible blight of sin and its consequences, and a new earth will I create for the eternal joy and pleasure of my saints. [Rev. 21:1-4.]

Why have I reiterated these things to you this morning for your consideration? Because I want to keep bright before your minds the events that are just before you as we move into the final phases of the great controversy, and remind you of what you are about to experience. These will be trying times for my people, but your faith in me and my protection, guidance and provisions for you must remain strong, or you will falter and fail in the day of adversity. [Prov. 24:10.] I have mapped out every moment of your future already, so nothing that you go through will be a surprise to me. Therefore, if you keep your eyes upon me and exercise faith in my protection and guidance, you will walk securely through the days ahead.

So gird up the loins of your mind [1 Pet. 1:13] and prepare for the battle ahead which we must go through together. Practice now in your trust as you go through any adversity large or small, and go through it successfully by faith. You will certainly see my presence in your daily life and battle with evil that will strengthen and encourage you for the future. The latter rain has begun, but it will swell as the loud cry approaches. Do not let anything discourage you, but keep looking to me to provide for you anything you need, whether physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional. I will never fail to meet your needs if you look to me and trust quietly and confidently, knowing that help is sure.

Go now to the activities of your day, but let your faith and courage be strong as you press onward in the pathway set before you. Enjoy your Sabbath hours together with me and your friends and family, and the blessings of the light that I am sending you, especially upon the Sabbath. Never let darkness or despondency discourage your heart, but keep your cup of faith uplifted, and I will fill it to overflowing with my love! Lovingly, Jesus.

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