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Latter Rain

Dearest Ones,

My precious ones, you are the reward of my suffering and the years of waiting for the final generation. It is like the disciples after the day of Pentecost in their joy for the truth and their love for me and each other. But as you will see, the latter rain will be 10 times greater than the outpouring of the early rain because the truth of all the ages will be poured out upon the remnant of my people for the finishing of the work in the earth, and the reward of the efforts of the faithful of all ages which is poured out now for you.

Therefore, I want to speak to you about "the latter rain." It is the combination of all the light which has been revealed throughout history, plus the full light of all the Scriptures which will now be available to you. All the mysteries that have not been seen clearly or understood from the past will now be open for your study and understanding. You have only to ask, and I will reveal it to you, for there is nothing in Scripture and prophecy that is not applicable in some way to this final generation, and is available to any honest seeker who desires understanding from the Holy Spirit.

But all true believers should be aware of the principle that light which is from me must be in agreement with all others who are also receiving the latter rain from my throne. [Rom. 12:3-10.] As was told to the disciples during the outpouring of the early rain, all who are receiving true light from me must be in agreement [1 Cor. 14:32], for Satan will always try to come in with revelations purported to be from me, but are in fact from the evil one. Therefore, the spirits of the ones who have true light from me to share must be in subjection and harmony with each other, for the devil will try to intrude and get you into something spurious by taking a little light and mixing it with error, as he always does. I am just warning you now to be watchful for error that comes through unconsecrated people. [Acts 20:28-31.] Nevertheless, the true light will shine forth and all believers in the light of the latter rain will be in agreement, for nothing untruthful can come from my throne.

So rejoice today with me and my Father and all of heaven that the great controversy is almost over, and soon you will be at home with us where you belong, for your hearts and minds will be in perfect agreement with all who possess that holiness which is required to dwell in the courts of glory. My blessings are upon you today, and will be with you until I come. And I will be with you every step of the journey, so never fear, never be discouraged, for you are among the called, chosen, and faithful who will follow me wherever I go [Rev. 17:14]. Lovingly, Jesus.

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