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Time Management

Dearest Ones,

As time marches on toward my coming, I see that my people are coming into harmony with me in every area of their lives. There is harmony and obedience in appetite, relationships with others, daily battles with self, and all the other facets of life that I am bringing to your attention. But there is yet one area that I want to talk to you about today, and that is the area of using the golden moments of time at the unction of my Spirit. Please do not feel that I am displeased with you, for you are so intent on keeping in step with me in every way that I do not want to bring a shadow of any kind in our relationship, or cause you any reason for discouragement, for you always seek the light of my face and desire with all your heart to please me and honor my name.

My purpose in talking with you about the subject of time is to help you to be open to suggestions on time management. Time, like money and all other gifts of life, are from your heavenly Father to be used for your happiness and the happiness of those around you, and for the glory of God. If these moments are used wisely, you will be able to accomplish everything that is on the agenda for that day. Remember the passage from the Psalms that says, "Every day ordained for me was written in your book before one of them came to be." Ps. 139:13-16.

You see, I have a perfect plan for you, and every day if you allow me to influence your mind and thoughts, I will work out that perfect plan. Even if you have made mistakes in your past life, I can and will reorganize your life to bring it back into harmony with the original blueprint plan I have for you. That is because I can see your future, and I have a knowledge of what will happen during your life, and I have planned from the beginning of your life how to bring you back into harmony with my original plan for you. I can make something out of nothing, and if you look to me and cooperate with me I will take your brokenness and the years you have spent wandering in the wilderness, and help you to march successfully to the original goal of victory over the evil one, and enter into the promised land of the original purpose and plan that I have for your life.

This is where the topic of time management enters into the picture. Satan can have an endless list of things for you to do, even apparently good things well disguised (for he knows he cannot be successful in tempting you to do evil things), to take up the golden moments of your day. The only way that you can be sure that you are using your moments wisely is to constantly keep your heart open to my guidance and follow the directions of my Spirit. As Solomon says, "There is a time for everything that is done under the sun." Eccl. 3:1. And he also says, "The wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter." Eccl. 8:5, 6.

Kingdoms rise and fall on the matter of the use of time. A person can be great or mediocre because of the use of their time. So I invite you to come to me each morning and dedicate your life and your time to me to be carried out according to the leading of my Spirit. Remember - every day ordained for you is written in your book before one of them came to be. When you seek me in your morning worship, your book is open before me and I have the outline of your day written on that page. If you yield to my Spirit's guidance you cannot fail to accomplish everything I meant for you to do that day. The outcome at the end of the day may be different than you had planned for it to be. You may have had to do a task you didn't plan for, or help a person you didn't know would cross your pathway. But if you are following my guidance you can trust and be assured that it was all by my design. That is why it is so vitally important to follow my leading moment by moment.

But do not despair because of your mistakes. Because I know you, I have anticipated even these errors of judgment, and have provided a way for you to recover and redeem the time. So trust in my love and care for you, and go forward with courage into your day today and every day until I come. Just remember that every moment is a golden jewel to be used at my discretion as I continually guide you through each day. That is the experience I had with my Father, and I offer to you the same privilege. It will give you peace amidst the storms of life, and the unexpected challenges that come your way. That is why you can walk trustingly and securely through the days ahead, knowing that I am weaving a beautiful pattern of your life that will stand through the ages of eternity to reveal what I can do through the lives of the people who love and serve me with their whole hearts.

Now go to the activities of your day, but look to me as a little child looks to and trusts a loving parent. I will never disappoint you or lead you through anything for which I have not planned a glorious ending. So trust me today and every day and see if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so many blessings that you will not have room enough to receive them. [Mal. 3:10.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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