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Probationary Time

Dearest Ones,

I love you with an everlasting love today, and today is the beginning of eternity. Do you know what everlasting means? It is the very foundation of life for those who believe in me, for when I create life, it is meant to be eternal, for I am life and I am eternal. So when I bequeath life, I am giving eternal life that never comes to an end. But because I give freedom of choice to everyone, each person or celestial being has the power to choose death. I will do everything I can to preserve the life that I have given, but I will not take away the freedom to choose to rebel against my principles that are the foundation of eternal life, and thereby to choose death. In the probationary time allotted for each person, I will also provide the evidence they need to make a final decision for or against my principles. I have covenanted to continue life as long as there is a desire in the person to know me and respond to my love. But when the person chooses to rebel, and there are no more avenues to their heart, their probation is closed forever without hope of recovery.

So today I want to discuss with you the topic of probationary time. Come and listen to me, and I will share with you the secret of eternal life and eternal death. When I create a living being, I give them the ability to think and reason from cause to effect. Even a young child can quickly learn this by experience. Therefore, I strive through my Holy Spirit to reach the hearts of every man, woman, and child to hear my voice and respond to my teachings to learn cause and effect and choose life. For those who respond positively to my Spirit, I fan the flame of life and throw around them influences and circumstances that will lead them to search for me and find me and know my love and my ways, which are the ways of life.

But for those who rebel against my Spirit, even from childhood, the light of the Spirit goes out, for they have chosen darkness instead of light. [Ps. 58:3-5.] Eventually by their own choices the devil takes full control of them. So you can see how the early years are so important, because this is where the choices and decisions are formed that are the basic foundation for the person's future life. This present generation is exceedingly wicked and rapidly filling up the cup of iniquity because of the major impact of the media upon the children from birth. The collective ideas of society are impacted upon the tender, open consciences of the children so early that their power to reason and think original thoughts are almost ruined. I say almost, because I have reserved a place for myself to speak through the developing conscience, since I am responsible for allowing the media for my own purposes of spreading the gospel around the world in the shortest period of time.

By nature in any generation, the law of heredity and environment passes on the sins of the fathers to the children in the third and fourth generation. [Ex. 34:7.] The ripening of the harvest is greatly accelerated now, because of the influence of the media. But the use of the media for my purposes is also greatly accelerated so that the harvest of the earth can take place quickly. Because of this I can now bring to an end the progress of evil vs. good, and reap the harvest of both the wheat and the tares, and by persecution separate out my chosen ones from the tares.

Woe to those professing Christians, even from my own church, who want to cling to the world and at the same time be among the number who will be saved. In other words, if you and your children are allowing yourselves to enjoy the exhibitions and sounds of the culture and opinions and feelings of the world around you and mix that with your daily thoughts and times of worship with me, you will be among the five foolish virgins who expected to be saved, but were unready to meet me and go into the banquet feast at the marriage of the Lamb. I beg you, I plead with you, to stay clear of the worldliness around you. Let your heart and your home be a haven for yourself and your children and people who are a part of your lives. Let your time be spent in getting closer to me and doing whatever is necessary to shut out the sins that are enveloping the world in darkness, in preparation for the loss of their lives, both physically and eternally.

Now is the time to decide for or against me! Do not linger and look longingly at the worldly things that so easily capture your thoughts and attention. It is better to turn your face to Zion and leave the lusts of the world behind. Remember Lot's wife! Even though I took her by the hand and led her out of Sodom, her heart still remained in Sodom, and she chose death instead of life. So you, too, must make a decision for life or death. Will you forsake anything that causes you to compromise with evil? Will you choose to connect with me 100% of the time so that I can constantly flow eternal life to you through my indwelling Spirit? It was the Spirit who gave you life from the beginning, and it is the Spirit that will cleanse you of all connection with the lies of the devil who brings death.

I am waiting with arms outstretched to give you eternal life, eternal love, eternal joy and happiness. Will you heed my call and accept my gift to you? And then will you pass this message on to others so that they, too, can accept life before the door of mercy closes forever? When probationary time closes, I want you to have your family and friends and loved ones with you to give you joy throughout eternity. I will help you win them to me if you let me guide you, for I love them, too, with an everlasting love, and I want them to be in my kingdom.

So I am counting on you to help me reach their hearts, since the attractions of the world are stealing their attention so often when I want to speak to them. If you are willing, I will set up opportunities for you to speak to them about heavenly things. Do not be harsh or overbearing with them, but by kindness and love speak the truth in ways that will soften their hearts and get their attention. Pray to me and I will help you. Lean upon my wisdom and the opportunities that I provide for you to share, and you will have many souls in the kingdom that without your loving care would have been lost.

Thank you for being my willing servants and co-workers! I am counting on you to be my hands that reach out to others, and my voice of truth spoken in love that will break the fascination of evil that Satan puts upon them. Now go with hope and courage into the harvest field today, for the grain is ready to be picked. And in so doing you will be facilitating your own reception of my eternal life flowing through you! Lovingly, Jesus.

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