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Dearest Ones,

I am rejoicing today to have another Sabbath to spend with my beloved ones around the world. So many are now opening up their hearts and looking to me with longing desire for my coming. The condition of the world and society is crying out and groaning under the weight of sin. This is the perfect climate for my gospel to go quickly as fire in the stubble. So lift up your heads with confidence and holy joy that your work for me will reach the hearts of those who are longing for salvation.

Now for the topic of today. It is "germination." When a seed is sown in the soil, within each seed is the power to reproduce after its own kind. It needs just the right condition for life to spring up and begin to sprout and grow into the plant that I created it to be. So it is with human beings. Every person has a specific and special purpose in my eternal plan. I have spoken to you about this before, because unless you realize the sacredness of each life including your own, you will not realize the infinite value of every soul. I would have given my life for just one soul, for I cannot separate myself from the connection I have with my creation, for it is a part of me.

Virtue went out from me when I created each living thing that I have made. That virtue and life flows out from the Father and me together as we create. We do nothing on our own, for we are One. And when we create life and living beings, they are a part of our life. So to ignore the needs all of the things that we have created would be to ignore our own needs to give and sustain life and be involved in everything we create. Only the free will choice of a person can cut off the life-giving flow of energy that comes from us to them. And even then we bear long with sinners until there is no hope of their recovery.

Now I want to return to the subject of germination. A seed can lie dormant for years, apparently lifeless to the visible eye. But when it is placed in the proper environment with soil, moisture, and sunlight, the seed will come to life, sprout, and grow just as it was created to do. So it is with people. Many seem to be dead in trespasses and sins, and their condition hopeless to the observation of those around them. Satan has hedged them in with circumstances so that they cannot perceive the light of the love I have for them and the special plan that I have for their lives.

But if they have just the right environment of a loving, Spirit-filled person to touch their lives with love and hope and grace, they can sprout and grow into the person I created them to be. When I was upon the earth, that is exactly the work that I did for the people as I walked among men. Even as a child I brought the love and caring and nurturing atmosphere of heaven, and hearts who were susceptible responded as living water brings life and beauty to dry ground. Of course, Satan is always on hand to resist the light and keep his captives in darkness. But if they will cry out even in their hearts for something better than they have, I will break the bonds that Satan has put upon them and set them free.

Would you have chosen my twelve disciples to be the ones that were the foundation upon which I would build my church and give the power to take the message of my love and grace around the world in one generation? But they responded to my love and came and followed me and became the founders of the Christian church. And so it can be with you. You may think that your ability to do anything important is very small. Satan may tempt you to be discouraged because of your weaknesses and failures. But I want to encourage you to go forward today and every day with courage and faith, trusting in me to germinate the seeds that you sow in your daily life for others.

If you give out the love that I have given you to sow, hearts that are hungry and thirsty for love will respond to you, for love is the soil that is necessary to germinate the dormant seeds in broken and discouraged people everywhere. It produces hope, and when hope springs forth, the light of truth and the pathway to salvation can shine into the hearts of people who otherwise have no hope.

So today on this Sabbath day, open your hearts to the eternal love that I have for you and the connection to my heart that I desire to give you every moment of every day, and then share this light and love with other souls who are struggling for help and have nearly given up hope. In this way, you will become the conduit through which I can pour out my germinating power, for you will have provided the soil of love which softens their hearts so that they can connect with me, and receive life and courage to break free from the bonds that have held them. Thus you will be my co-workers in reaching people that otherwise have no hope of eternal life. Will you enter into a covenant with me today to bring my truth and light to the people around you so that I will have many souls in the kingdom of heaven because of you? In so doing you will be my disciples and you, too, will reign with me when the numbers of my kingdom are made up! Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are no greater than the weakest saint who is a conduit of my love to others.

So rejoice with me today that the harvest is ripe and my reapers are at my side. Soon the harvest will be finished and heaven will begin. Rest and rejoice in my loving presence with you today and every day until I come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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