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Dearest Ones,

I am so grateful and pleased with your open devotion to me and the cause we all hold so dear - the spreading of the good news of my soon coming. People around the world are awakening to the trumpet sounds of wars and rumors of wars, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, strange trumpet sounds in the sky, fires and weather patterns out of control, and the increasing unrest in society. If you could see as I do, your heart would be sickened at the violence in homes, the drug abuse, unnatural sexual addictions, and so forth. I am not trying to burden you with these things, but just to give you a small eye view of what I see around the earth, in vivid contrast to the joy it gives me to visit my true people who love and serve me, and especially on the Sabbath hours.

You may think I have no suffering about these things because I am always in the presence of my Father, and around the throne the angelic choir is singing rapturous songs of praise. But my Father and I often weep when we see the desperate condition of the world and its inhabitants, and there are so many people that we cannot help because they have no love or desire for righteousness or holiness of character. That is why I consistently tell you what joy we receive when we have your fellowship and love and dedication to our common goals of finishing the great controversy and cleansing the world and the universe of sin and all who love evil.

So the topic for today is "cleansing." In order to be cleansed, something has to be soiled and imperfect. The goal of cleansing is restoration to the original perfect condition of mind, spirit, soul and body. If you have an automobile, it is in pristine condition when it comes from the factory. Its appearance is bright and shiny, all the moving parts work perfectly, and it is a joy to its owner. But when with use it becomes tarnished, imperfections begin to multiply, and eventually breakdowns will occur. This is an example of what has happened to mankind. I made your first parents beautiful and perfect in the beginning. If they had always obeyed my instructions, they and their progeny would have remained in perfect happiness and freedom throughout eternity.

But they chose another master, or owner, we could say, who did not care for them or their children, but only wanted to use them for his own evil purposes, and to take the fine qualities with which I created them, to degrade and destroy them, and then blame me for the results which he caused. My only recourse was to come as the second Adam and redeem fallen humanity from the condition into which they had plunged, and restore them back to the original perfect condition which I gave them in the beginning.

I came to restore and heal body, mind and character to be even more beautiful and useful than in the beginning, because now all my chosen ones will have a greater comprehension of my character and the principles of my kingdom than could have been possible had not sin entered the universe through Satan, and unveiled the contrast between good and evil, holiness and rebellion. It was not my purpose for this to be so, but it is the risk of creating intelligent beings with a free will to think and choose. And now that sin and rebellion have taken place, the goal of my Father and I is cleansing and restoration. Therefore, I want to make more clear what cleansing means.

In order to need cleansing, something must have been lost from the original perfection of mind, soul, and body which I gave mankind at the time of their creation. The basic key to understand the need for cleansing is "disagreement." Things that man creates have no will or choice. But beings that I create in my image and likeness have free will choice. Before sin entered there were no examples of what the results would be to disagree with me. That is why Satan and the disloyal angels were so bold in their rebellion. They could not comprehend what the consequences would be, although my Father and I strove with them and tried to help them see what would happen if they disobeyed. But you know the rest of the story of their experiment into rebellion. Now the whole universe is cured forever of rebellion and sin, not because of fear of a punitive reaction against it from my Father and me, as Satan claimed would happen, but because all can now see the demonstration of the consequences of disobedience to the perfect law of liberty, love, and eternal joy and happiness that constitute the foundation of my government. Now that this has been perfectly displayed, complete cleansing and restoration to the original beauty and perfection of the character of mankind can be restored, and thus sin and disharmony will be eradicated forever from the universe.

Do you want to know the secret of cleansing? It is coming back into perfect agreement with me in every area of your life. Think about the experiences with sin and sinning that you personally have had. Did breaking my law and departing from my precepts bring you love, joy, and happiness? Or has it contributed to your pain, suffering, and brokenness? I am here to help you back to perfection of character. I have the healing you need to be completely restored. I will never force you or take away your free will to choose. But if you want sincerely to be restored, I will walk you through your memories to the places in your life where you listened to the temptations of the evil one and got off the path of obedience and purity. If you repent of these things that I reveal to you, I will wash away your guilt and give you my perfect character in place of your failures. And I will blot them out of my book and deliver you from the memories and the continuing presence and influence of the demons whose voices you listened to when you departed from my will for you. I will forgive all your sins and heal all your diseases. [Ps. 103:3.] And I will restore you completely from the damage that Satan has done to you, and prepare you to live in my presence forever.

Do you want to experience this cleansing process with me? I am eager and waiting to experience this with you, for I have a remedy for all your ills, and happiness for all your sorrows. Come to me now and I will be to you a friend that never fails or forsakes you, and I will arise for you with healing in my wings! [Mal. 4:2.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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