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Dearest Ones,

You are in my mind this morning concerning the heaviness of the duties and responsibilities that I have put upon you, and I am so pleased at how you bear your burdens with eagerness to serve me and joy at co-partnering with me in the sealing work that is now in progress. I have given you light and understanding commensurate with the times in which you are living and the light that has to get out to the people before I can close probationary time and focus entirely on the last events of earth's history. But the light of truth must shine brightly so that all may enter into the ark of safety if they choose to do so.

In answer to your prayers and the prayers of my people all around the world, I am about to open up the windows of heaven and pour out special light and blessings that are commensurate with the holy calling that I have given you, because you have accepted my call and your highest desire is to get out the message of how to prepare for my soon coming. Therefore, the topic for today is "rejoice!"

There has never been a time when truth could get across the world as quickly as it can now. I have opened up the windows of heaven and shared with men the secrets of communication that is a part of the communication system of heaven. This is the only way light can get around the globe to every person at the same time. Without this ability, the knowledge that is needed to be ready for my coming would never happen in the short space of time that we now have. Of course I have anticipated this and provided a way for it. It is for my honor and glory that the light of the Three Angels messages will be spread around the world in the shortest possible period of time. In order for this to happen, I am bringing about the trumpets to awaken people to feel the urgency and seriousness of the times, and be alert and watching to see what it all means. Thus when they hear the announcement of the nearness of my coming, they will be much more open to truth if they are honest in heart.

Of course, the wicked will continue to be wicked, and even more so as fear of the things that are happening in the world grips their hearts. This condition will bring about a polarization of the inhabitants of earth, and prepare the way for every person to make their final decisions for good or evil. Thus the whole world will be prepared for the final battle between good and evil, truth and lies, my kingdom against Satan's kingdom. It is the battle of Armageddon - the same battle that was fought in heaven between Satan and his forces who stormed against me to take my throne. And so it will be again when he attempts to destroy my people on earth who have followed me and stood staunchly for my truth and would rather die than yield one inch to the lies and attacks of the evil one. It is also the same battle that will be fought again at the end of the thousand years when he and his followers will march upon the Holy City in one last attempt to take it from me and my beloved chosen ones, my Bride, to whom I have given the right to enter into the city and live there forever without fear of harm. Revelation 22 14 and 15.

So rejoice and be glad [Rev. 12; Ps. 97:1], for your accuser has been cast down to the pit [Isa. 14:15] and nevermore shall he bring disaster or sadness into your lives, for his destruction will be eternal, and even the memory of him will pass away. And my beloved ones will live peacefully in the new earth that I shall create for them, and every Sabbath and every month they will come up to Zion to worship and rejoice before me as the years of eternity roll on. And never shall there be any more pain or sorrow or crying, for my kingdom of love will have triumphed over the kingdom of darkness, and my beloved ones will be with me forever, nevermore to part throughout eternity. I am looking forward with yearning to the end of the great controversy, but my heart is made glad to have you with me now and through the days ahead until I come to take you home with me. Lovingly, Jesus.

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