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Dearest Ones,

I am thinking of you today, for my mind and heart are ever with my people who are serving me with their whole heart and following my counsel every day. It is for this reason that I am able to move forward to bring the reign of sin to an end. The trumpets of God are sounding around the earth to announce the coming of the King, just as trumpets were sounded to announce the approach of the Day of Atonement for the nation of Israel. We are now in the antitypical Day of Atonement, and the time has come for the blotting out of sin in preparation for my coming. All who participate with me as did the whole camp of Israel on that day will be sealed and ready for my appearing. Those who do not participate will be cast out, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when I come and they find too late that they are unprepared. [Matt. 13:40-42.] Now is the time of preparation. Now is the day of salvation! Let my people know this so that no one will be unwarned.

Now for the topic of today. It is "watchfulness." Satan is a wily foe, and has increased in subtleness as the centuries have gone by. But his intentions are always the same - he constantly endeavors to distract the people of God from their work of building up the kingdom of God and preparing a people to stand in the great day of God. Do you recall the story of Ezra and Nehemiah who led out in rebuilding the temple and the wall of Jerusalem? [Ezra 4:1-5; Neh. 4.] Satan stirred up enemies to harass them and try to stop their work. But I inspired the leaders of my people with determination to continue the work until it was accomplished, and when the people saw their zeal, they were inspired to do the work and finish the task of rebuilding, for the appointed time had come, as I had prophesied by Daniel in Daniel 9:25.

Now the appointed time of the end has come [Dan. 8:19], and I am calling leaders to preach the glad news that I am about to come. I am calling for leaders like Ezra and Nehemiah who are not afraid of opposition, but who will find their strength in me to persevere and to lead and inspire the honest in heart to finish the task that the pioneers in 1844 began with such valor and determination. Unfortunately, many have lost the vision of the pioneers to persevere until the work is accomplished. But I have dedicated and sincere men and women around the globe who are looking wistfully to heaven for more light and understanding on the subject of my coming, and will gladly join you in your efforts to awaken people to action and to realize that the time has come to understand the fullness of the Sanctuary message as it relates to the blotting out of sins, the judgment of the living, and the sealing and the latter rain.

These things have fallen into obscurity and misunderstanding, just as the rebuilding of the temple and the wall had been abandoned for years. But now I want the understanding of these things to be revived, for the time has come to finish the work that was started in 1844 by the pioneers. As you know, most people believe that the judgment of the living is a secret process. How, then, can they cooperate with me in the work that I am doing in cleansing their lives and blotting out their sins? I have never worked in secret concerning the things that require the cooperation of my people. I have always raised up leaders and prophets to proclaim my messages and to inspire my people to cooperate with me in whatever I am doing for them.

There are many honest hearted people who have never heard such things and are not familiar with the light that was given to the world during the 1844 movement. At that time the truth was revealed to them that I had moved from the first apartment work of ministry into the second apartment to finish transgression and stop the continuation of sinning [Dan. 9:24], and bring to a close the work of redemption. This cannot happen unless I have the attention, understanding, and cooperation of my people, for I do nothing for my people without their cooperation. [2 SM 236.] As I have said before, I give everyone the power of choice, and I died on Calvary to purchase back the human race from the power of the devil, who wants to control the will of his subjects. He cares nothing for freedom, and his kingdom is built on force and subterfuge. For example, see the demonstration of the principles of his kingdom during the 1260 years of papal persecution. I allowed this to take place so that the whole universe could see the true nature of the Beast who is controlled by Satan himself. The devil accused me in heaven of being a despot whose laws prevent freedom of choice, which is, in fact, just the opposite of my nature and my kingdom. It is he who is the despot who rules his subjects with an iron hand and kills those who disagree with him. Observe even today his treatment of my followers in lands where he has control. But this reign of sin is soon to come to a conclusion, and it is my work in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary that will make it so.

Now, does it seem more clear to you why I must have a people who are in tune with me, who know what I am doing, and are intelligently cooperating with me in my closing work for my people in the heavenly Sanctuary? What would Satan say to accuse me before the universe if I blotted out your sins without your knowledge and cooperation and willing involvement? While I am not afraid of the taunts of the evil one, because he is a beaten foe, I am concerned for the majority of my people who think that I am doing a work for them in the heavenly Sanctuary that is secret. It is only secret for those who are not watching and for those who miss their appointed time [Daniel 8:19] in the judgment of the living, and therefore I must finally blot out their names from the Book of Life. That is why I said to my disciples, "Watch and pray: for you know not when the time is." [Mark 13:33.] When I spoke to them, I was also looking down to your day, and I plead with you to take my counsel to them, for when my work is finished, the cases of all will have been decided [GC 489-91].

I do not wish to discourage or disheartened my people who are in tune with me, who know what I am doing and are intelligently cooperating with me and my closing work for my people in the heavenly Sanctuary. But I want to give a message of warning to those in Zion who are sleeping or unconcerned and unaware of the times in which you are living. Lift up your voice like a trumpet, [Isa. 58:1; Joel 2:1] and proclaim my message to those who are ignorant of the true meaning of the judgment hour message which was first preached in the 1840s to prepare the people for my imminent return. It is the first angel’s message which is to be preached now with even greater force and power, for the hour of my judgment requires understanding and willing cooperation in order for the people to be prepared for my coming.

Do you want to be a part of my watchmen on the walls of Zion? Do you want to blow the trumpet to awaken the sleeping virgins? I have chosen you to do just that, and I am pleased that you are putting forth every effort to fulfill your calling. The hour is late and the true workers are few. The harvest of the earth is ready to be reaped. Put everything that is unnecessary out of your life and cling to me moment by moment and you will not fail to be successful workers in my harvest field. Take courage, my friends, for I am ever beside you to encourage, strengthen, and supply you with everything you need and every necessity for doing the work of spreading the message of my soon coming around the world, and in due time you will reap your reward if you prove to be faithful in the days ahead. Let nothing discourage or dishearten you, for I will guide and protect you and give you victory against all the onslaughts of the enemy. Nothing can harm you, because you are my ambassadors to a dying world with a message that will save the honest in heart.

Go now to the activities of your day, but keep your eyes upon me and your heart uplifted to the heavenly Sanctuary where the light is shining forth to save all who come to me before probation closes. Then I will hide you under the shadow of my wings until the disasters are past, and I come to claim you as my own. Lovingly, Jesus.

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