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Wonderful Counselor

Dearest Ones,

I have been with you every moment on your trip to 3ABN, and I gave you traveling mercies and protection through the angels. I want all of my people to know how close I am to them wherever they are, wherever they go, and whatever they are doing. You need never feel alone or forsaken even amidst the trials and tribulations of this earth, for I am there with you and I will answer your calls for help and guidance, no matter where you are or what you are experiencing.

Now for the topic of today. It is "Wonderful Counselor." As you know, this was a name given to me by the prophet, Isaiah, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. [Isa. 9:6.] I want to talk about this today because my character is so often misunderstood and maligned by those who do not know me, or are influenced by the age-old argument of the devil, that I am harsh and accusatory, and that my voice is one of condemnation and accusation when you have done something wrong. In fact, if you hear a harsh, accusatory voice in your mind, it is not me, but Satan or his evil angels who pretend to be me so that you will reject me and turn away from listening to the still, small voice of my Spirit.

Satan has learned that if he can tempt you into sin, then pretend to be me and accuse you for the thing he has just tempted you to do, that you will learn to fear me and not want to have a friendship with me. Or, if he can bring darkness and discouragement over you to separate you from my loving ministry to you, he will win a victory over you and keep your mind occupied with trying to escape from the darkness by turning to worldly ways of temporary distraction to find relief. But all the while I am waiting to rescue you from this cycle of emotional abuse. So I invite you to come and drink at the never flowing fountain of my love and heavenly council.

"Come, now, let us reason together!" Isaiah [1:18] is a good beginning for our study today. Notice the difference between reasoning together and commands that must be obeyed to avoid possible punishment. There are three choices a person has in response to the principles of my holy law: First, you can obey in order to escape undesirable consequences; second, you can choose to disobey and suffer the results of rebellion; or you can come to me and learn of me through the Word and through the leading of my Holy Spirit. In that way we can reason together and you can choose to obey me through an understanding of the principles of my law.

Of course, I want you to obey my law of love, for it is the recipe for your happiness, and the doorway to all that is good. But I do not want you to do it out of fear of punishment like a brute beast who responds only to the lash of the whip. People who obey me with that attitude tend to be harsh themselves when they are dealing with others and feel at liberty to do so without compunctions of conscience because they feel that is how I am. But I desire obedience to be from a different motive. I want obedience to be from love and an intelligent understanding of my principles and a joyful response to the liberty of conscience that such obedience produces.

Therefore, my request to come and reason together is an invitation to commune with me, for I have wisdom and understanding and knowledge to share with you about every question you ask and every experience you go through. I will not force it upon you, but I will never disappoint you if you ask. "If any man lack wisdom, let him ask in faith, nothing wavering, and it shall be given him." [James 1:5.] I did not create you to be robots, but to have an endless capacity for learning and growing throughout eternity. I will not coerce you to avail yourself of this privilege, but I will joyfully assist and counsel you and guide you to the highest goals you wish to reach if it is truth you seek, for your motives are for the glory of God and true service to mankind.

In other words, there is no ceiling on your advancement if your motives are pure and holy. Although you cannot produce these righteous motives yourself, you can surrender to the workings of my Spirit within you, and as you grow in grace and the teaching of my Spirit, you will reach heights of wisdom and achievement that you do not presently think is possible. So come to me today, and let me be your Teacher and Counselor in every aspect of life, whether it be intellectual, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. I want to be your Teacher, your Counselor, your Physician, and your Guide. If you allow me to do these things for you with your cooperation, I assure you that your footsteps will reach the golden shores of my kingdom. And best of all, the friendship we develop here will continue to grow throughout eternity! Lovingly, Jesus.

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