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Dearest Ones,

As the time of my coming draws nearer, the activity of my people must keep pace with the needs of people around the world whose minds are searching for answers, and thus are more open to hearing truth. This does not mean that I am expecting you to do more activity, for you are already serving me faithfully with all your heart. But each day is a new day with its challenges and responsibilities, and as you go through the day, keep your heart and mind open to the leading of my Spirit so that something will be accomplished each day that will help others to be ready for my coming. The capacity of some will be greater than others, but even a cup of cold water to a needy soul is counted as worthy in the kingdom of heaven.

Now for the topic of today. It is "worthiness." This is a subject that is not often talked about, although it has ramifications that touch every life. When a child is born, I have placed in every heart a desire and need to be valued and esteemed and to have an important purpose for coming into the world. It is an inner drive to excel and fulfill one's God-given potential. Satan knows this, so he strives to invent ways to take away or divert this potential and use it for his own purposes. He has studied human nature and has learned ways to sabotage the thoughts and feelings of children at an early age. That is why it is my purpose and plan that parents guard well the avenues of the heart from the beginning of the child's life and ask me for direction in the raising of each child, for no two are alike. The potential for one will be different from another, but all are of inestimable value for each child to be a contributing member of the kingdom of God.

But herein is the problem of fallen humanity. All talents and gifts are to be used for God's glory and the furtherance of His cause. Therefore Satan works very early to capture the hearts and minds of children and distort their thinking so that they cannot perceive heavenly things. Harsh discipline, neglect, criticism, abandonment, breaking the will, pandering, flattery, false teachings, and many other wrong ways of raising children are filling the earth with people who are virtually impervious to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. Of course the media is claiming countless lives, and searing people's minds beyond recovery.

But there is still a remnant who are seeking for truth amidst the clamors of the world and the sights and sounds of this decadent society. It is these inquiring minds to whom I send you to rescue those who are reaching out for help to find truth and for recovery from the damage that sin his done. These people are valuable gems that the angels are ministering to, and so I also want to send you to bring light and hope and healing, and to guide them to the truth that you find so dear. I am not trying to burden you beyond your strength and ability, but just to keep your heart and mind open to the leading of my Spirit as I guide you day by day to be ready to reach out to souls who are thirsting for the water of life that you have.

But what does worthiness have to do with this? When children have been raised wrongly, their sense of worth becomes damaged, and Satan wants to replace the loss of self-worth with pride and worldly ways of gaining the temporary satisfactions of earth. I want every person to have an opportunity to drink at the fountain of truth rather than imbibing Satan's counterfeits. I desire that every person be given an opportunity to experience the joy of receiving worthiness from being a child of the heavenly kingdom and receiving my approval and companionship. Only this will satisfy the hunger for worth and value. This I have placed in every heart to lead them to seek for the true value of being a servant of the heavenly kingdom. No other happiness compares with this.

So today and every day seek out the downtrodden and oppressed and bring them the good news of their inestimable value to me, and the price that I have paid for their redemption. Accepting this truth gives eternal value that nothing else can do. Plus you will be bearers of the good news of my love to those who need it most. And don't forget that the people who are nearest to you may need your encouragement, for the burdens of life and the temptations of the evil one can bring darkness and discouragement, and your word of encouragement may be just what is needed to lighten their load.

Now go to the activities of your day, but never forget how valuable and loved you are to your heavenly Father and to me, and pass on that good news to everyone around you! Lovingly, Jesus.

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