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Friendliness, Cheerfulness, and Faith

Dearest Ones,

I am happy today to tell you that your prayers for help and encouragement have come up before me and I am sending my angels to bring you light from heaven to lift you into the atmosphere of peace and trust. As I withdraw my Spirit because of the wickedness of men, darkness descends upon the earth and gross darkness upon the people. [Isa. 60:1, 2.] Therefore it will be essential that you keep the lifeline of prayer open between earth and heaven so that your faith will grow stronger, and you can be a source of light and blessing to others!

Now for the topics of today. They are: friendliness, cheerfulness, and faith. First I will address the subject of friendliness. It is natural for people to have a group of people with whom they associate frequently, have things in common, and have achieved a comfort level of trust between them that promotes enjoyment in their fellowship together. It can be uncomfortable and even painful to invite others into this circle of special friends, for it changes the atmosphere of the group. But I want to encourage you to keep your hearts open to others whom I may send to you to receive the light that I am giving you about how to prepare for my soon coming. Very few people are even sensing that the world that they live in will soon pass away and eternity will begin. And even fewer know how to prepare for it. So open wide your doors and welcome the people that I send to you who are outside of your community, but who are open to the light which I am sending from my throne and the throne of my Father.

When I was upon earth, I, too, felt the press of the crowds who followed me, and I sometimes longed for a place of peace and quiet communion with my Father and my disciples. But my days were generally filled with activity and crowds of people, and the constant taunts of the Pharisees who wanted to catch me in something I would say or do to find reasons to kill me. But I constantly depended upon my communion with my Father who guided and sustained me, and so you must do as well. This life will soon be over, and you shall be at rest and peace with me in my kingdom. But for now the war between good and evil is still in progress, and the final battle between must be won by my servants through their consistent lives of holiness under the pressure of daily living and witnessing for the kingdom of heaven.

You do not have to do this alone, for I have promised to never leave you nor forsake you, and I will never break this promise to you. But when you feel pressured and distressed and alone and tired of the battle, you must look to me and cry out to me wherever you are and I will hear you - even if you are in the midst of people - and I will answer you and send help to you from my Sanctuary. My Spirit and my angels will visit you and inspire you and with hope and courage and principles about how to handle your situation and the challenges that I permit to come to you. I screen every experience you have, and permit only those things that are for your best good and for the honor of my kingdom. So in every challenge and perplexity, call upon me and I will give you wisdom and strength for every occasion.

Now I want to address the subjects of faith and cheerfulness. In every problem and trial that I allow to come to you, there is a lesson in faith to learn. That is why you must call upon me in every situation. And cheerfulness is one of these lessons. It is easy to sink down in discouragement and wish the trial would end. But a lack of cheerfulness and faith prolongs the trial, for it is one of the lessons I want you to learn. It is natural to feel morose and dispirited and chafe under the trial, but the trial will end much sooner if you have a spirit of cheerfulness, for cheerfulness takes faith, and faith and cheerful submission to my leading in your life is the reason why I am allowing you to have the trial in the first place!

Do you recall the journey over the Sea of Galilee that I took with my disciples one night? The devils stirred up a storm that would have swept us all away had it not been for the constant watchcare of my Father. But I knew that I was safe in my Father's protection, and that He would see us safely through the storm. The storm was allowed for the sake of my disciples, for they needed to see the greatness of the power of my Father over every attack of the enemy.

So it is with you. When trials and storms come into your life, just remember that they are not from me but from the enemy, and that you will be victorious, not by fighting with the devil on your own, or by trying to bail out your boat, so to speak, by your own efforts. Victory over the enemy will be gained by calling upon me for guidance and deliverance, and an attitude of faith and courage during the trial. Then when this lesson is learned you will find yourself on the other side of the trial with a stronger faith in me and a greater power to witness to others.

So how is it with you today? Is the devil tempting you to focus on your trials and challenges, and attempting to take away the cheerfulness that comes as a result of your faith relationship with me? If so, just remember that bearing up under trials with cheerfulness and faith is a method of refining your character, for when your faith is firmly rooted and grounded in me, I can give you my perfect character of love, joy, peace, and faith under all circumstances.

Now go to the activities of your day, but make every effort to keep your heart open to me as a flower turns to the sun and you will be able to pass every test that I allow to come to you, and your character will be perfected to join the angels around my throne, for you will be safe to save. Lovingly, Jesus.

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