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Dearest Ones,

As the time for my coming draws near, I am sending my Holy Spirit and angels to every soul who is honest in heart and longing for something better than what they presently have. I will leave no soul unwarned, no person without a chance to receive salvation before probation closes. I can do this because I have workers in the field all over the world who are rays of light shining in the darkness of error. To these I will send the souls who are hungering for truth and hope, and a refuge from the storm. Thus my subject for today is "Hope."

I created mankind with the capacity for endless joy and love, and a desire to reach the highest levels of achievement in every area. This capacity is the bedrock from which springs hope, because no matter how much you have of my bounties, there is an endless supply beyond that is waiting for you to discover and achieve. Thus it will be throughout eternity. Eternal life would become a burden if there would be no new things to learn, new heights to surmount, new and wonderful things to experience. So hope is not just desiring something that you don't have. Hope is the realization that there is an unknown and glorious future waiting for you to discover and enjoy as you reach out for it and walk with me in the process of discovery. I am infinite, and my gifts to you are infinite, for they come from me. All that your mind can conceive will be yours throughout eternity. In that sense, heaven begins even now, for you do not know what a day will bring. I have surprises and rewards for you each day that you cannot imagine, for you do not know the mind of God, nor can you perceive it beyond what our daily walk together reveals.

When I was on earth, I lowered myself to the common level of humanity in order to experience just what you experience. I laid my omniscience aside and received each day only what the Father revealed to me. So it is to be with you. You can be sure and certain that I have good things and blessings in store for you if you will walk in the pathway that I have marked out for you. And I will give you grace for every trial, strength for every burden, and light upon your pathway from my throne in heaven. Do you desire to walk with me today in conscious agreement and companionship? That is my invitation to you and my gift for everyone who accepts me and listens to my voice. I can keep you from a thousand perils and help you avoid being deceived or overtaken by the temptations of the evil one. I have walked the pathway of life before you, and I know every step of the journey. So let me be your guide and companion today, and we will have the relationship together that I had with Enoch and Abraham, for we will walk together as friends!

Now go to the activities of your day, but don't forget that I am just waiting to pour out my richest blessings upon you and give you all the wisdom and strength and happiness and peace that will bring you into companionship with the family in heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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