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Dear Ones, Today I am moving forward with the cleansing of the men who will prove to be my stalwart warriors in these closing hours of earth’s history. I am very pleased with Pastor Bill, who is persevering against all odds to reach the goal of perfection of character that I have set before him, and also using his gifts of leadership that I have given him to use for me. He will be among my leaders throughout eternity because he is sacrificing all for me now. I am also very pleased with all the women whom I have called to be leaders of the flock and to help the speedy progress of my work in all the earth. You will shine like jewels in my kingdom and reflect the light of the glory of my throne and increase my joy by your beautiful characters of love for everyone whose lives you touch in your service for me.

Now for the topic of today. My subject is love. I know that I have talked to you about this before, but there are many facets of love, and today I want to emphasize the necessity of not holding grudges. It is so easy and natural for fallen human nature to hold a grudge against someone who has slighted you or hurt you in any way, large or small. It is a self-protective reaction to insure that this will never happen again, for you will remain wary and not be gullible enough to subject yourself to further hurt. If I would be like that, I would never help or love another person, because all have sinned and come short of my glory, and no one is deserving of my love and the free gift of forgiveness and salvation that my sacrifice on the cross of Calvary has provided.

You see, I anticipated the entrance of sin into the universe because when you give freedom of choice to beings who are perfect, but not all-knowing, it is inevitable that questions will arise about things that have not yet been answered and that have not yet been experienced. I have created beings with giant minds and intellects, and a desire to explore beyond their present information and knowledge in an endless array of topics, for a never-ending growth in wisdom and understanding. But if someone desires to do this without consulting and conferring with me, as did Lucifer, then the danger of defection eventually becomes inevitable.

So I have allowed the experiment into sin to run its full course to answer forever any question that anyone could ever have, without going on their own to obtain this information. As the scripture says, Lucifer corrupted his wisdom, and brought untold grief upon the whole universe. But this experiment has inoculated the universe forever against a repeat of this way of using the intelligence, wisdom, and free will that I have graciously and lovingly extended to everyone.

But what has this to do with holding grudges? It is because you have to rub shoulders every day with people who are still learning how to use the free will that I have given them to make right choices. Because of the roots of sin and the conclusions they have come to as a result of their previous life experiences, they make mistakes or errors in behavior and judgment that affect you adversely and cause you pain and suffering, or at least discomfort, in being more or less involved in their lives. If this is a spouse or an immediate family member or close friend, or a neighbor or a person in the church or workplace where you cannot avoid contact, you may be tempted to find and use self-protective ways of handling them that are not my ways. In other words, if you are hurt repeatedly by a person’s rough, hurtful, and unkind ways, your natural reaction will tend to be in using whatever you feel will work to avoid further pain and discomfort to yourself. This is completely understandable, but it is not the way of divine love. Out of my unselfish regard for each person, I give unstintingly of my love and provisions, and allow each one to decide whether they will be drawn to me by my love, or reject me and choose to leave me and reap the consequences. Sometimes people do learn by their experiences and come back to me, and sometimes they do not. But either way, it cannot be said that I chose favorites to save, and rejected those who are lost. No, each person reaps the eternal reward of their choices.

So in your interactions with people, you must meet and deal with all kinds of people in all stages of mental, emotional, and spiritual development. If you ask me, I will help you to minister to each one whom I allow to come into your lives with the same grace and forbearance that I exercise toward them. This does not mean that I expect you to sacrifice yourself beyond what is mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy for you. This is where grudges come in.

The natural result of doing this in your own strength is to become exhausted by your efforts, and then hold grudges against the person for exploiting you. But if you inquire of me, I will help you to know how much of yourself to expend, and also where the boundaries are where I am behind you in your endeavors and where I am not. If you go beyond my will, you will suffer the consequences.

On the other hand, if you selfishly withhold yourself to protect yourself from uncomfortable encounters with the needy people around you, you will lose the blessing that I had in store for both you and them. Do you see now the necessity of being in constant communication with me at all times, and always inquiring of me, “Is this the way you want me to walk in my service for you today?” If you do this, I will guide and protect you from making mistakes that were unnecessary, and bringing undue hardship upon yourself, for I will uphold you in everything I ask you to do for others. Even with a spouse, there needs to be caution, for I am your husband, your provider, your protector, and guide. If you surrender this to your spouse—either husband or wife—or even your children—you are giving them the homage that is due to me alone, and you become the slave of their passions and demands. Always serve them through me and my love for that person, for I made each person’s individuality, and only I know how to preserve it in complete holiness and freedom.

Now go to your day’s activities, but always keep in mind that I am right by your side, protecting and providing for everything that you need. Look to me, because that opens up the channels of your mind and heart to not only receive love from me, but also pass it on to others. And in so doing, you will be so filled with my love for you, that you will be above holding grudges for others who are normally difficult to deal with. This blessing I bequeath to you today and every day until I come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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