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Dearest Ones,

The subject for today is "love." I know that I have spoken to you about this subject before, but I am now ready to pour out the latter rain in its fullness and I want to expand your understanding to include what love looks like under the latter rain. I am pleased with your growth and development in this area, for my final generation from whom will come my bride [Rev. 19:6-10] – the 144,000 - will reflect my character completely, and love is the essence of my character. The point that I want to emphasize today is that true heavenly love will contain and express all the aspects of love in its entirety. [See Gal. 5:22, 23.] In other words, when people are around you they will feel my love coming through you, for when you are fully cleansed of all your imperfections, you will be an extension of me, and everyone who comes within the sphere of your influence will feel my love flowing through you. This will be the final and full display before the world of what my ministry in the heavenly Sanctuary can do to restore mankind to the original mind and character with which you were created. This does not mean that everyone will recognize it and love you in return, for I was the fullness of divine love when I took the garb of a common man and walked among men as a display of my Father's love, and you know how they despised me and rejected my love, and wanted to rid the earth of me because they were filled with the same character as Satan, who is the prince of darkness and cannot tolerate the light of my presence.

And so it will be with you. Evil men will hate and despise you also because they love darkness and the deeds of darkness and they cannot and will not tolerate the light of my presence shining out through you. But those who are hungry and longing for my love will be drawn to you because they feel my presence through you and the love that I give you for them will draw them to me through your loving ministry. Do you see now why you must be completely cleansed of all dross in order to fully reflect me to others? Dross comes from selfishness and self-centeredness and an inward focus upon your own feelings and needs. When that is gone, you will be an open channel for me to flow my love to you and to everyone around you, even your enemies and those who despitefully use you and persecute you because you love and serve me.

So walk with me today and every day until I come and think not about yourself or what you may suffer for my sake. You are my display to the world and the universe that my love for you produces the same love for others, and is the completion of my sacrifice, the reward for my suffering, and my eternal joy to ever have you beside me, and my gift to my Father for His unfathomable love for all the creatures He has made. Lovingly, Jesus.

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