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Dearest Ones,

The days hasten on until my coming, and I want you to know that I am visiting my people around the world, preparing hearts to be awake and listening for my voice, calling them to repent and be cleansed from all sin and disagreement with me on any level, for without holiness no one will see the Lord. [Heb.12:14.] Therefore, my topic for today is, "agreement."

I hear the false shepherds who are calming the fears of their congregations by telling them that as long as they have accepted me as their Savior and substitute, they are safe to continue in their present condition and be assured of their salvation. Woe to these false shepherds [Jer. 50:6; Isa. 5:20], for the blood of my lost sheep who listen to them and believe what they say, will be upon their own hands. At this time I am sending my Holy Spirit and my angels to people everywhere to warn them of coming destruction. In their uneasiness they go to their pastors and spiritual leaders and find comfort and solace and permission to quiet their consciences of my warnings. The strongest and most sincere are not satisfied with these palliative answers and continue to seek until they find me. But the weak and wavering are easily led astray because it is really what they want to hear, and second-witnesses the desires of their own hearts to be free from a troubled conscience and still be saved.

I, too, want my people to be free from a troubled conscience, and I have provided for this by forgiveness and remission of sin. [Acts 2:38.] But now at the close of my intercessory work in the heavenly Sanctuary, I am calling upon all my people to enter into the work symbolized by the day of atonement ceremony in the earthly sanctuary [Lev. 16:29, 30, 34; 23:29.] to be cleansed from all sin and disagreement with me and come into harmony with me on every point. [2 Cor. 6:14-7:1.] It is the nature of fallen man to want to combine good and evil and still be saved. This is why heathens bring offerings to their gods to appease the wrath they feel inside their hearts when they are separated from me and have only the voices of demons in the darkness of their deluded minds. The wrath and fear they feel is not from me but is a natural consequence of being separated from my Spirit which brings love, peace and emotional security; thus they become empty vessels for the demonic spirits to inhabit and control them at their will. At this time most of the world is in this condition, and the numbers are few who look to me and are fully cleansed and sealed for my kingdom. But I know everyone by name who has given their hearts to me and who resist the darkness around them, and I send my Spirit and my angels to minister to them and protect them and send them further light to guide them forward into a deepening relationship with me. You, my beloved children, are among that number, and I am pleased and rewarded by your unfailing devotion to me and to truth.

When people accept a combination of truth and error, it is because they want a religion that matches their experience. But my people who love and serve me want unvarnished truth, and they strive to keep a constant connection with me no matter what the cost or sacrifice. These are receiving my blessings daily, and are preparing to be ready for my coming. They are beacons of light, peace, joy, and happiness to all around them, and they are conduits of my love. I can share anything with them and they readily accept the light that is shining upon them and share it with others who are hungry for a deeper relationship with me.

This is reminiscent of the power and experience of the early rain, but greater in the amount of light that is needed to prepare a people for the close of probation and my subsequent appearing. My early disciples came into harmony and agreement with me on all they knew. But my intercessory work in the heavenly Sanctuary was just beginning, and there was much more to reveal and experience. But now my intercessory work is closing forever, and all the light is now shining from the second apartment which is needed to bring a people to perfection of character, which is perfect agreement with me on every issue of life. This is completely attainable if you have a close unbroken walk with me, but totally impossible if you try to reach this condition in your own efforts apart from me. When you are separated from me you don't even know what righteousness is. Attempting to become perfected by a focus on works is like taking a trip without a road map. My righteous life is the road map, and my Spirit is the revealer of how to understand and appropriate my life into yours. This brings you into harmony with me on every point in your life, and then applies my righteousness to you. Can you do this by your own efforts? Never, never! This is why so many are giving up and accepting the lower road doctrine of retaining their sins until I come and hoping that I will do for them then what can only be done during my mediation in the heavenly Sanctuary, especially during the cleansing and blotting out time which is happening right now [Acts 3:19-21; 7 BC 1178] for those who are yielding their lives to me and coming into agreement with me on every point.

How can I blot out your sins while you are still sinning? This would mean that because of my sacrifice on Calvary, I can now accept the works of the devil in you and nullify my command to Adam and Eve which forbade them to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or they would die. It is true that I have given the human race 6000 years of grace to accept the plan of salvation which I provided, but that is now coming to an end, and I am about to make the pronouncement:

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." Rev. 22:11, 12.

There is no grace to cover any sins after that pronouncement. That is why I am personally intervening to try to reach everyone in every way possible, including by these messages. I don't want anyone to be lost who could have been saved if they had heard and accepted the pure truth for these last hours while mercy still lingers.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your heart open to me and I will guide you safely through the challenges and temptations that Satan will try to bring to you. I will stand between him and you as long as you look to me and trust in me and obey me. But in order for you to do this, you must be in agreement with me, for I will never force you to see things my way. Follow the unctions of the Spirit and the engrafted Word, which will keep your minds and hearts open to my voice. Then simply trust and obey and walk in the light of my presence and my guidance and protection and provision for your every need

Does that sound too hard for you? Just remember what I have told you, that my way is easy and my burden is light [Matt. 11:30], for I carry the heaviest part of the load. [5 BC 1090.] If you will give all your burdens to me and listen to my voice and come into agreement with me on each point, this gives me permission to guide and protect you and provide for you. But the way of the transgressor is hard [Pr. 13:15] because by indulging in sin, they become playthings of the devil. So choose you this day whom ye will serve [Josh. 24:15], and if you choose to walk in companionship with me you will receive the reward of all the righteous men and women who have gone before you. I love you so much, and I am looking forward to walking together with you today and every day until I come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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