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Follow on to Know the Lord

Dearest Ones,

As you begin your busy week of activities, I want to extend my hand to you to walk with me through the unknown. I say this because no matter how many plans you have, you do not know what each day will bring. Therefore my topic for today is "follow on to know the Lord." [Hos. 6:3.]

Every day I take a personal interest in each of you and know everything that is happening to you, down to the slightest detail in your life. I know your trials, your experiences, your hopes and dreams, your accomplishments - in short, I am involved in the pulse of your life each moment of the day. Can you just imagine how important that makes you to me? And can you also imagine what it would be like if you were just as aware of my presence and love and care for you as I am of you? That would mean that we could have constant communion and instant access to each other every moment of the day or night. I would like for you to aim for this as your goal, for if you do, I will guide you through everything you experience each day, and for you, heaven will begin now.

Now I want to explain more clearly how to practice this type of experience. The first key to a successful daily journey with me is to speak to me about everything and keep your thoughts open to me each moment. This is how Enoch walked with me, and so it can be with you. [1 BC 1087.] In fact, if you expect to be translated as he was, you must have the same experience he had with me. He was an example for you. And this is not difficult when it has become your habit to refer all your thoughts and feelings and experiences to me as you go throughout your day. [6 T. 393.] You will be surprised how this will become second nature to do this, for this is how I created mankind to function. Only when Eve, and then Adam, ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did the thoughts of fallen man become centered on self and consulting self instead of me.

But this condition can be completely healed now, because I have lived that perfect life of constant communion with my Father while on earth, and I never separated from Him for even one moment. So it can be with you! Then you will be my friend and know my voice and obey me just as Abraham did. This is why all my people who follow me will be spiritually the children of Abraham [Gal. 3:7-9] and heirs according to the promise [v. 29] that I gave to him. Not everyone who says, Lord! Lord! [Matt. 7:21] to me will be chosen as children of Abraham when I come to receive my inheritance. That is why I told the Pharisees that they were not children of Abraham, but the children of the devil [John 8:44], for their thoughts and deeds and intents of the heart [Heb. 4:12] were in harmony with him.

So it will be in the end when I come to get my people to take them home to live with me. Do you recall what I said to Abraham? "Walk before me, and be thou perfect [blameless - NIV]." Gen. 17:1. This has always been my goal for my people. [Phil. 2:14, 15.] But this is especially true of those who live to see me come. [1Cor. 1:7, 8; 1 Thess. 3:13; 5:23; 2 Pet. 3:13, 14.] That is why I cannot come to receive my inheritance and the fruit of my sacrifice until the plan of salvation produces this finished product in my people. And I will have them in my 144,000 who will stand with me on Mount Zion as the firstfruits of all my labors from the beginning of the rebellion in heaven. [Rev. 14:1-5.]

Do you want to be among that number? You can if you follow me faithfully every day, every moment, and confer with me about everything as did Enoch. He was an example of the holiest of my people at the end of time who will live to see me come without seeing death, for they have followed me through the entire cleansing process of the Most Holy Place and blotting out of sin so that I can say, "It is finished!" and close probationary time for the world. This is what I am preparing my people for right now, and thus I am writing this to you to invite you to be among that number. You can if you will choose to walk with me just as I walked with my Father when I was upon earth. This is the supreme example of how holiness is acquired. It is a willing, eager connection with me every moment to receive my perfect life infused into you through my Spirit, and recognized and sealed in [Rev. 14:1; 22:3, 4] by the outpouring of the latter rain. [Hos. 6:1-3; Acts 3:19; 4 BC 1178.]

Does this help you to understand better what perfection is and how it is obtained? It is my perfection poured out into you through constant communion with me moment by moment. I invite you to experience this in your walk with me day by day until I come and take you home! Lovingly, Jesus.

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