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The Second and Fourth Angels Messages

Dearest Ones,

Today I have a message that will bring you encouragement and hope for the days ahead. Much work was done at ASI that will bring souls to the kingdom of heaven. Most have not heard the light that is shining from your ministry from me, especially the study guides, which teach truth for this time for those who desire it. But now I want to turn your minds toward the next phase of present truth, which is the second and fourth angels' messages predicting the fall of Babylon. This is now present truth. Babylon represents the commingling of truth with error, which is a deadly combination, for it is Satan's lie that began in the Garden of Eden when he deceived Eve at the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Deception seems so pleasant and alluring at first because it patronizes the desire of the human heart to better themselves or to rise to a higher sphere of action or position. This is the root of the sin problem in Lucifer's heart, and continues to be the root of sin in every heart. There is a desire to be relieved of mental or emotional discomfort in thinking that one is deprived of something that is to be desired for advancement or pleasure. How can this arise in a sinless being? For every truth there is a counterfeit. The truth is that I have created everything with the desire and ability to continue to grow and develop endlessly throughout eternity, with increasing wisdom and understanding, learning forever from the fathomless resources which my Father and I possess and offer to every created being. Thus, growth and learning and advancement in wisdom and ability to perceive and accomplish is a gift from God and an attribute received from God's limitless resources.

But these gifts are always a result of obedience and relationship with God, never upon one's own perception of themselves, and ideas and plans apart from God. So when Lucifer's decided to establish his own kingdom apart from me, he had to war against me in order to establish his authority. Since my Father and I are the supreme source of all wisdom and truth, no one can set up his own kingdom without warring against us. Therefore when this goal is attempted, love ceases to exist, and hatred, animosity and loss of love, happiness, safety, and wisdom brings the death of everything good. In other words, good and evil cannot coexist without producing death, which is the result of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The point of what I am saying is that there are many Christians who want to coexist with the product of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They are virtually saying, "Some of Christ and some of Belial." This I will not accept in any of my followers, for it is not of me, but of the devil. He thought he could rebel against me and still have heaven, too. No one knew about death when he began his journey. No one knew what would happen if they ceased to have access to the tree of life. But I have allowed this to play out to the fullest extent to show the results of choosing to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life.

Now my display is nearly at an end, because the full results of the man of sin is coming to a culmination. Only a little more time remains. And my question to each person is, what will you choose today? Will you tolerate sin in your life while claiming to be my followers? Will you refuse to imbibe in the things that come through the media which are not inspired by me? Will you listen to the false teachers who tell you that because of my sacrifice you can continue in sin until I come before you can have a complete character change? Will you choose when, what, and how much you eat and drink according to your uncleansed appetite, or will you, like Daniel and his three friends, say "no" to the appetites and lusts of the flesh? By living a life of acceptance of the standards of the world while claiming to be my disciples, you are as surely accepting the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil from the hand of the serpent as did Eve, and then Adam, who followed her enticements.

This is why I am so pleased with my faithful followers at this time who are steadfastly refusing to indulge in sinful practices, and are saying, "no" to the lusts of the world and the flesh, and the temptations of the evil one, and are cooperating with my final work in the heavenly Sanctuary of cleansing and blotting out their sins. This means that I can now go forward with my chosen and faithful ones to end the reign of sin and the devil's challenge to my kingdom of light, peace, joy, and love. Will you also choose to join us if you have not already, and be a part of the final display of light against darkness, perfection of character against sin, and eternal life against eternal death?

I love everyone -- every person who has received my life force to bring them into existence. But I cannot allow the fruit of darkness and rebellion to ever enter heaven again. So choose you this day whom you will serve, and to whose kingdom you will belong. For those who surrender to my love and accept the gift of eternal life that I have provided for you at such a cost, the doors of heaven will open, and you shall enter in, clothed with the white robe of my righteousness. Lovingly, Jesus.

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