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Go Forward

Dearest Ones,

Today is a special day of rejoicing in the courts of heaven, because my people are responding to my call to prepare for my coming, and are moving forward with the light that I am sending through my angels and Holy Spirit, and my chosen vessels on earth who have received a commission from me to spread my word and my present truth for this time.

The topic for today is, "go forward." All throughout history, I have had chosen ones to whom I could speak and give my messages for the hour in which they lived. The numbers were comparatively few, but they loved me and saw the light and shared it with those around them. These faithful ones were as lights amidst the darkness of error and superstition. I planted within the heart of man the need to worship a higher being and to honor and trust the true God, the Creator of the universe. But when man fell, this need to worship was transferred to anyone or anything that satisfied the need to worship a higher being in return for protection and personal favors. Of course Satan took advantage of this need to worship, and so you can see the development of heathen worship, or paganism, in its various forms around the world. Eventually when Christianity amalgamated with heathenism, Satan's crowning counterfeit, the papacy, was the result. This institution of the devil is the vehicle through which he will attempt to rule the whole world at the end of time. Already the secret power of lawlessness [2 Thess. 2:7, NIV], as Paul called it, is at work to bring about the fall of America and the loss of freedom of worship. The dragon and the lamb-like beast [Rev. 10] will be joined and go forward with Satan at the head, and persecute my people who keep my commandments and honor my Sabbath. This will signal heaven that the final battle between good and evil and between Satan's forces and my forces has begun and will soon end in victory for the armies of heaven, just as it did in heaven when he attempted to take my throne. This battle is soon to take place, for the powers of evil are ripening for the harvest of the earth. That is why I need to be in constant communication with my faithful followers on earth, because without me you will be overcome and perish with the wicked in the battle of Armageddon, which is the final battle between good and evil forces.

In the meantime, I will continue flashing the light of truth around the world to warn and prepare every honest soul who is looking to me to lead, guide, and protect them through the time of trouble. Some who claim to be my people are looking to external preparations to go through the time of the end. They are trusting in safe locations, stockpiling provisions, and rigid perfectionism of clothing, food, and outward behavior. All such preparations are of the flesh and not the Spirit. I will guide you to safe havens when the time comes for such things, and I will provide you with ample food for your sustenance. You are not to focus upon these things at this time, for whatever men do to protect themselves without my guidance and supernatural protection will be swept away like matchsticks in a raging storm. But those who trust in me will be guided and protected as a hen protects her chicks under the shelter of her wings.

Now as we are entering the final phase of this world's history, look to me for the light of truth that is to be proclaimed to the inhabitants of earth as rapidly as possible. This is the light of the second and fourth angels' messages as they combine with the truth in the first angel’s message. These will swell into the loud cry when the third angel’s message becomes present truth during the Sunday law movement which is yet ahead. Therefore, the command to go forward is emphasizing the rapid movements that will now take place as the four angels are loosening their hold upon the winds of strife. Don't let a day go by when you are out of harmony with my will for your life that day. Step quickly and keep alert for my guidance. Do not look back as did Lot's wife, and do not be afraid or loath to leave behind earthly treasures. Many a life has been lost by holding on to worldly possessions. But the eternal goal is before you - hold on to its treasures as gold and silver and precious stones, for with these resources from my word you will be alive when I come to rescue my faithful ones who have followed me until the battle is won. Lovingly Jesus.

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