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Dearest ones, today I am going to discuss the topic of boundaries. I am not a God who allows my created beings to set the boundaries within which either I or they are supposed to function. Some people believe that if they claim my promises and live a good life according to their standards that they can force my hand to give them whatever they demand of me. In other words, I become their servant to give them what they want if they meet certain criteria set up by themselves. This is really the goal of heathens with their gods of wood and stone. This is a satanic principle, and really goes back to his rebellion in heaven, because he thought that if he could point out something in me that wasn't fair, or in compliance with what he thought I should be, that he could gain control and bring others into agreement with himself and his cause, and ultimately bring me down.

Of course the aftermath of this is history, and is soon to come to a close because he has had six thousand years to prove his point, and soon he will be bound for a thousand years to contemplate the accuracy of his theory and the effect it has had upon himself, his followers, and the whole universe. Therefore, I want to discuss the concept of boundaries in your own lives. As you deal with people every day, you will meet some who will use you to get something they want from you, but have no real appreciation of your goals and your calling. You can certainly be polite and kind and respectful, but you must look to me for your guidance on even the most minute details of your life. A whole life can be spent chasing the rabbits of other people, and even worse yet, of the devil, and time and energy is taken that should be under my direction so that the most is accomplished that needs to be for your life to render service for me. I am not saying this in a selfish way because, every goal I have for you is for your highest good and the accomplishment and fulfillment of the blueprint plan for your life. Remember that every day ordained for you was written in your book of life before one of them came to be, and if you look to me I will help you to fulfill these just as I always looked to my Father who constantly guided me day by day and moment by moment.

Now what does this have to do with boundaries? Well, as I have said, Satan's major goal is to get you off track and keep you from fulfilling my blueprint plan for you. So he invents numerous ways to sidetrack you every day if he can. And here is where you must stay in touch with me constantly so that I can guide you. Remember in my life on Earth I did not do everything people asked me to do, but only what my Father asked me to do, and thus I perfectly fulfilled the blueprint plan for my life. So you, too, must consult me in all things that you go through. "Is this the way I should go?" should be your daily question. If it is not my will for you, then boundaries must be made. Remember when Paul gave in to the Judaizers, and as a result cut short his ministry. People can be very persuasive, but allowing people to run your life instead of my Spirit's guidance can be disastrous. I am not trying to frighten or discourage you, but just to point out that the closer we get to the end of time, the more the devil will try to derail you and get you off the plan I have for you. So by the leading and prompting of my Spirit, take stock every day of all the subtle works of the devil to get you sidetracked. When this is the case, you must be willing to set boundaries against the encroachment of the devil into your life through other people who are used by him. Look to me and I will guide you in how to do this. I do not expect you to do this on your own, but only through my Spirit and my guidance, for I will help you and reward you for following my counsel to you.

Now go to the activities of the day. But keep open to new ideas and new thoughts from me that will help you to be an able soldier of the cross. I submitted to the ignominy and embarrassment of the cross to set a permanent boundary against the devil forever for you, because he cannot pass that boundary to destroy your life and your blueprint unless you allow it. So walk with me today and every day and you cannot fail to please me and together we will walk the last mile of the journey for this Earth history, and you will be my loyal servants whom I use to finish the plan of salvation. Lovingly, Jesus.

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