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Dearest Ones,

The days grow short until the world will know that the end has come, and for so many it will be too late. Although my heart is touched with the loss of so many lives, I cannot change those who resist my Spirit and choose to walk in the sparks of their own kindling. [Isa. 50:11.] People really don't want to change unless they are touched by the knowledge of my love, and the call for holiness. Thus only can mankind rise above their own ideas and feelings, and their choice to follow inclination instead of the impulses of my Spirit wooing them to a higher way of life. So the subject for today is "change."

Everyone who is born upon this earth must change in order to be a citizen of heaven. Babies are born self-centered and laden with the sins of the fathers upon their children for generations. [Num.14:18.] The natural inclinations of the heart are of the earth, and not toward heavenly things. Parents can help this greatly by their own virtuous lives both before and after the birth of their children. But even so, the natural self-centeredness of humanity will bear fruit in everyone who does not give themselves to me and be born again of the Spirit and not of the flesh. [John 3:3.]

So change is necessary for everyone at some point in their lives if they wish to be saved. And herein lies the problem. Nothing impure will enter heaven. No lust, no worldliness, and no pride of opinion, gifts or possessions - in short, nothing that is unlike the perfect character that I have wrought out for you in human flesh while I was on earth, living as each one of you must do every day. That perfect character is not only your example, but it is your righteousness. By grace through faith and connection with me it is yours to possess. But here is where the majority fail of achieving this experience. Most people want to change only as much as it benefits them and makes them comfortable that they can have the good things of life and heaven, too. Consider appetite, for example. People want to eat what their perverted appetites have learned to love, but do not realize that I can help them love the food that is best for them and loath the food that they once loved that is harmful to their bodies. Holiness is true happiness, because the life renewed by the Holy Spirit is brought into harmony with the principles of eternal life by which mankind was created.

The same principle is true for all aspects of life, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social. True happiness and health is living out your true blueprint through the guidance, direction, and influence of the Spirit, and being in total harmony with heaven. So as you go about your work today, remember that I am waiting for you to hear my still, small voice in your mind [Isa. 30:21] guiding you to everything that is best for you and will bring you the most health, happiness, and fulfillment. I know you better then you know yourself, and my greatest joy is recreating you into the special person that you were meant to be. So when you give your life to me, change will always bring the highest good and the highest fulfillment and happiness and restore you back into the special, unique person that I created you to be. Lovingly, Jesus.

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