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Climate Control and the Sunday Law

Dearest Ones,

I heartily approve of the direction in which you are going by honoring me in the messages to the world of my soon coming. My heart is grieved that some of my church leaders have publicly approved of the papal encyclical on climate control measures to save the earth ["Laudato si," June 18, 2015] by participating in Earth Day [on 4-22-19], and publicly making a stand in favor of these concepts. Just when I am needing men and women to stand up and proclaim my messages of warning for the world in the Three Angels messages which will soon be joined by the loud cry of the fourth Angel, this public affirmation of the purposes of Satan to join the people of earth together for worship and rest on the day that Satan has chosen as a sign of his rebellion against me and my law, -- my church -- the only light of truth that I have in this dark world -- has unknowingly made a public worldwide affirmation of the purposes and plans of my enemy. Yes, I know that Satan's plans are not yet open and clear to all that the movement to save the earth for the generations to come is a ploy and a trap to confuse the real issues which will bring about the Sunday law. But to those who are awake and listening to my still, small voice, this purpose of the devil through the papacy is very clear.

But I am not deterred in my plans to bring a swift end to the world, because I now have a remnant who hears my voice, and they are responding to my call to get ready for my coming, and are willing to stand up and be counted to spread the good news that the end is near and coming swiftly. Do you see the diabolical scheme of the evil one in his plan to use the tragedies that I am purposefully allowing around the world to awaken people to the nearness of the end, to be a springboard for his own message to save the planet? By capitalizing on these omens of my coming, Satan is using them to arouse people to cooperate with his agenda to save the planet by enacting laws around the world to worship and rest on his day -- Sunday, which he claims will please me and avert the continuing tragedies which I am specifically allowing to awaken the people of earth to prepare for my soon coming!

But his plans will serve to alert my true people that the end has come, and that this present generation will soon look up and see me coming in the clouds of my glory. Nothing that Satan does can stop the momentum of progress toward the things that I have prophesied to happen as harbingers of the end of earth in its present state of wickedness, and the beginning of eternity for my saved ones in the earth made new.

Now go to the activities of your day with me; but fear not to lift up your voice with a shout and speak the warning messages of truth that I shall give you which will alert people who have hearts to know me and to do my will. There are many who are longing for additional light concerning the end of earth's long night and the beginning of eternal day with me in my kingdom, and it is to these that I will send you in the days ahead. And I myself will be with you and give you the words and the Spirit to speak for me so that my truth may I go around the world, and then the end will come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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