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Companionship with Jesus

Dearest Ones,

I was with you today and poured out my Spirit to enlighten and encourage you because you are a part of my vanguard of workers who are blanketing the earth with my last warning message to the people of the world, who will soon look up and see me coming in power and great glory. I am pleased with your eager determination to understand the real truth about the difference in my human nature and that of fallen man. If I were indeed just like you, there would be no hope of salvation for either you or myself. Sin must never arise again, and although I became a man with a human nature like yours, I did not lose my own holiness of character and oneness with my Father when I came to be one with you. I felt the feelings of mankind without the sinful tendencies. You will understand this more completely as you are cleansed from your own sinful tendencies by cooperating with me as I reveal to you those things in your character that are not in harmony with my thoughts and feelings. How I delight to share with you everything that I am thinking as you yield yourself to my counsel upon every subject of your life! It is the beginning of the heavenly relationship we will have throughout eternity. We will walk together, talk together, and share ideas together that will delight us both, for I enjoy your love and companionship even now, and look forward to an eternity of the pleasure of our relationship. But it starts now as we walk together day by day and I am revealing to you the secrets of holiness that I have not been able to do to any previous generation. Share these things with each other as you walk and talk together, and as you share what you have, you will receive more.

Go now to the activities of your day, and just remember that we are one day closer to my coming and the consummation of my work of salvation for the human race. If you will allow, I will draw near to you in your worships and in your daily communion with me, and you will have your questions answered and your deepest needs fulfilled. This is the reward you will receive for having me as your heavenly Husband and your best Friend. And my Father smiles upon us and invites me to bring you into His presence so He can rejoice over you with singing [Zeph. 3:17] and grant you His blessing, just as He has blessed me as I have fellowshipped at His side throughout eternity. As I am one with the Father, so you will be one with me because you have accepted my sacrifice for you and have been cleansed of all sinful tendencies, root and branch. And so the presence of sin and sinners will be banished and only joy, love, peace, and righteousness will reign throughout eternity - all because you have responded to my last call and have been my representatives on earth of what my sacrifice for sin and sinners can accomplish. Thus your reward will be great in the kingdom of heaven, and you will shine as the stars forever and ever! Lovingly, Jesus.

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