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Dearest Ones,

My message for you today is about "cooperation." I am building up the work on earth, in which you are participants, to prepare a people quickly for my coming. As you know, I have been planning for this moment in time for generations - yes, centuries - and now it is time to execute my plans. You are a vital part of my mission, for you have the truth for the end-time people who will finish the work. As you already have perceived, the judgment of the living is the missing part of the vital truths that will propel the work forward. I have kept it in reserve for this time so that no one could go forward unless they go through the cleansing of mind and heart that is necessary to be ready to be sealed, receive the latter rain, and give the loud cry. This process is now open for all to understand. Oh, that my people would open their hearts to this message! But I am moving forward, and my true sheep who hear my voice are following me. So my command is: Go forward! And I shall open the way before you. Although you may stumble, yet you cannot fail if you listen to my still, small voice and obey me at every turn in the road. I have trod this way before you, and nothing can stop the process except if you refuse to follow me, and I know you will not do that because you have already proved yourself to be loyal and faithful.

Now go to the activities of your day with joy in your hearts, for I am with you and I will bring you safely to the promised land! Lovingly, Jesus.

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