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Dearest Ones,

Today I want to convey to you the scope of the work that I have commissioned to all my dedicated workers around the world who are hearing my call in their hearts to prepare a people for my coming. You do not need to worry about how to reach every soul on earth, for that is my responsibility. But the target of your calling is to reach the hearts of those who are seeing the signs of my coming and longing for further light, truth, and guidance in order to be prepared. Let it be your goal every day to do this work for me! Actually, you are cooperating with the angels whom I have sent out into the earth to find the honest souls who are hearing the sound of my trumpet calls and are searching for light.

You may think that your numbers are small, but I can actually use smaller numbers who are dedicated wholly to doing my will and focusing upon the task at hand, and are listening to my instructions. Take for example Gideon's 300 men. They had one goal in mind and that was to accomplish the task that I had given them. I can use a small number of fully dedicated people more than multitudes of half-hearted workers who are just there to receive their wages. Others respond to my call out of duty, and some for the excitement. But all these will fall away in the heat of battle. So my topic today is "dedication."

It will take dedication to the purpose for which you are called to survive in the days ahead. I want no half-hearted soldiers in my army, for they would tend to discourage those around them and bring down the morale by their influence. In a war, it takes focus of purpose, intelligence of mind, and devotion to the cause. We are now entering into the final stage of the war against God's government that Satan started in heaven. The battle between good and evil forces, as recorded in Revelation 12, will be repeated as I lead forth my warriors to finish the final battle against the evil one and his followers. Both my angelic host and my faithful ones on earth will join together to win the victory.

As you know, this is not a physical battle, although war will rage on earth until the end. It is a battle between good and evil, wickedness and righteousness, truth and error. With my faithful ones by my side, the final victorious triumph will be accomplished. You see, the whole purpose of the great controversy is to reveal the fallacy of Satan's accusations that my government and my laws restrict freedom, and that my character is punitive and controlling when anyone disagrees with me. I have given 6000 years to show my true character, allowing for freedom of choice and revealing the eternal love I have for every person by paying the price for their sins, and granting salvation to all who understand my principles and freely choose to follow and obey me because they are in perfect agreement with the principles of my government. These are those who are safe to save, and will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven, wherein dwells righteousness and peace, love and joy.

But it takes complete dedication to reach this point of maturity and spiritual growth. As long as the world and society give a certain amount of security and the rewards and comforts of life, many choose to accept this level of living, and do not aspire to reach the heights of the mountain top that I hold open to anyone who catches the vision of success that is possible through obedience and relationship with me. This calling for spiritual greatness is for those who are willing to forsake the lowlands of human existence, and choose to climb to the mountaintop of experience with me that I gave to Moses. He was my friend, as was Enoch, Abraham, John and Paul, and all other great men and women of history who persevered past the veil of mediocrity into the very presence of God and obtained a Most Holy Place experience with me.

How I long to have your friendship and loving fellowship, for I made the human race for that very purpose. As I walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they sinned, so now is the time for that Edenic experience to be restored in my people. This is the experience of the last generation - the 144,000 in whom is no guile, no lies of the evil one, no disagreement with me on any level or any point of truth.

This cannot be attained by human effort. The topmost heights of the sacred mountain [Isa. 14:13] can only be reached by walking with me daily, moment by moment, as did Enoch and Elijah, and all who have completely dedicated their lives to me through the ages. You cannot scale the heights of Mount Zion by yourself. But if you daily walk with me side by side as friends, I will guide you, imperceptibly to yourself, up the steep slopes to victory over sin in your lives and every discrepancy between your heart and mine, and we will reach the mountaintop together, step by step until all evidences of your years under the control of the lies of Satan and his power over you will be cleansed away and forgotten as a result of our journey together and the love and trust between us.

Not only do you need to learn to love and trust completely in me, but you must also be able to share my love with others, for love is the very essence of heaven. In order to be a fit candidate for heaven, I must be able to trust that all your love for sin has been washed away in my blood and that we will forever be in perfect agreement on all issues so that your presence in heaven will not endanger the possibility of sin ever rising again.

Do you see now why it takes total dedication to reach this level of intimacy and trust to be among those who will live with me forever? Sin shall not rise again, for all doubt about my character will have been removed during your relationship with me while on earth. There will be no character change after the close of probation, which is so soon to come. Therefore I am appealing to you now to lay aside every hindrance that so easily besets you and grow up into fit citizens of heaven while you are still upon earth.

I am looking forward to walking together with you today. Will you take my hand just now? You will see how many burdens I shall carry for you, how many fears I will calm for you, how many tears I will wipe away, how many victories over the enemy I will win for you, and how many battles I will fight for you. That is how you learn to trust me. There is no other way! Just take my hand and walk with me today and you will have fullness of joy! Lovingly, Jesus.

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