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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Dearest Ones,

Today my mind and heart are set on the deliverance of my people from this world of sin. When you are one in heart, mind, and purpose with me, there is no more reason for you to be held captive in a foreign land, for heaven is your home. I have set myself for your deliverance and I will not turn back. Look around you and see the disintegration of society and see the signs of your deliverance! Look around you and see the wars and rumors of wars, and the upheavals of nature. These are all because I am withdrawing my Spirit and allowing the evil one to demonstrate what the results of his kingdom and power brings about. He cannot hold anything together, and everything he does produces death and destruction and disintegration. All these things that I am allowing are messages of my love to anyone who will listen and respond to my call to prepare for my coming, for the time draws near.

Now the topic for today. It is "peace in the midst of the storm." I would be seriously remiss if I did not provide a safe haven for you where you can abide and be safe in the days ahead, just as Noah and his family were saved in the ark. However, this time it is a spiritual ark that no human eyes can see. It is the Most Holy Place where the ark containing my law is enshrined, not in a box made by human hands, but enshrined in the heart of every person who permits me to cleanse them from every sin and fill the void with my love. For my law is the expression of my love and protection for all my children who want to dwell under the shadow of my wings until the storm passes by.

Now I hope you can see what it means to be cleansed from every sin before probation closes. It means that you and I have such a constant close relationship that I can reveal to you what is on my heart when I see where Satan still has access to you through your mind and emotions. Anything where Satan would have control over you because you are in agreement with him on some point always comes under the heading of selfishness and self-protection. So how can you be under my protection when you are still trying to protect yourself in some manner? You can't have it both ways. Either I am your protector or you are your protector. When you are trying to be your own protector, I don't leave you, because if I did, Satan would love to snuff out your life, because you belong to me and have accepted me as your Lord and Savior. But I do allow you to experience some amount of cause and effect so that you can see and learn how dangerous it is to try to be your own protector, for without my constant guardianship over you, you are in danger of Satan's sudden attacks when you fall into temptation and your guard is down. Satan is a ravening wolf looking for any way to get into your heart to gain permission to harm or destroy you as he did with the old prophet who listened to the advice of the false prophet with whom he stayed overnight on his journey home. [1Kings 13.]

This tragedy was a result of direct disobedience to a clear command of God and is not in the same category as the sins that you are struggling to overcome and are in agreement with me in the conscious mind, but have not yet been cleansed in the subconscious root level. The blood of my covenant of love with you stands in place of your sins of ignorance and the sins you hate but have not had victory over as yet. But sins of rebellion against my direct commands and consciously walking in direct opposition to what you know to be truth is a dangerous thing to do, especially at this time in history. There may not be immediate retribution, but if this course is continued, it will surely lead to disaster and loss of eternal life.

I have described this to you because this is the condition of most people in the world today. I certainly have my people all over the world who love and serve me faithfully, and these will receive their heavenly reward. But many have already closed their minds to the wooing of my Spirit. This is especially true of those who are soon to be faced with the Sunday law movement. This will be the deciding factor in the lives of many people in this final generation. Those who are tolerating sin in their lives now will be unprepared to stand firm on the issue of a clear and direct command from me concerning the Sabbath as my day of worship.

This is the final battle between good and evil, and for those who put off their preparation until that time, it will be too late to build a character that will stand under that kind of pressure. Like the old Prophet, they will listen to the voices of the false spiritual leaders, and will capitulate to the common demand. Nominal Sabbath keepers will change their day of worship as the overwhelming pressure grows upon everyone. Only my cleansed ones will stand unflinchingly in face of loss or even possible death. Then it will be seen who are my true followers, and who are those who have only been giving lip service when the stakes for obedience were not high. Then it will be that the storm will break upon my chosen and faithful ones. But their spirits will already be hidden under the shadow of my wings, and their sins will have been forgiven and blotted out. Then they will cry out and I will answer them, for they are one with me and no powers of hell can hurt them. They will be safe until the storm passes by.

Don't you want to be among the ones who will be protected in the bosom of my love? I am calling on those who hear my voice to come now while the door of salvation is still open. You will never be sorry that you have listened to my voice and have followed me into the ark of safety - the Most Holy Place where you will be hidden away from the tempter's power. Some of my people will be laid away, but you, my beloved ones who know and love and obey me, will walk with me through the time of trouble which is just ahead, and you will stand on Mount Zion with me when I make up my jewels for the kingdom.

Will you respond and come to me today? You need never fear that Satan can snatch you out of my hand, for my arms will be about you and you will be protected from all harm or danger, for you will be among my sealed ones who go with me through the end. And because of the peace that I give you, you will have my peace through every storm that Satan may stir up against you. Will you accept my invitation to be among my beloved ones? If you do, you will soon be with me on the peaceful shores of heaven, for I am coming soon! Lovingly, Jesus.

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