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Encouragement from Jesus

Dearest Ones,

My soul is exercised today in sympathy for your trials and stresses and the problems of life that cause you to sometimes wonder if I am hearing your cries for help and seeing your tears in the night. Please remember that there is not a moment that I am not bending over you with the loving care of a mother with a sick child, and in every trouble that you have, I have a way planned for your relief. But the trial itself is necessary for the burnishing, polishing process that is necessary to bring you forth as gold. I will allow the trial only as long as there is a need for character development in that area of your life. The most important aspects of character that I am looking for at the present time is faith, patience, and trust in me that I have not left you, and that the trial will be removed when the desired effect has been produced in your character.

Trials do not spring from nowhere, but are the result of roots of sin that you do not know or realize that they exist. But these very roots would spring up to strangle you in the time of trouble that is soon to come upon you and the world. I am holding back the winds of strife a little longer to give you and all my people time to be cleansed of all the dross and tin in your characters. Then I will let the winds go and you will see such a scene of strife that you have only read about up till now. I will keep you under the shadow of my wings, but I cannot do this if you still have dross in your characters. My people mean everything to me, and each is as important to me as though there were not another soul upon the face of the earth. So lean your whole weight upon me and never fear that I will let you suffer anything that is not for your refining and your best good. If you could see the end from the beginning as I can, you would choose the same pathway in which I am leading you, and rejoice with joy unspeakable that you are being saved from the consequences of unconfessed, unrepented of sins when probation closes and there is no more hope of salvation. These sins would come up and crush you, and this is what I am determined to spare you of if you will trust and obey me through this time of trial.

So look up and hold fast to me and let your faith in me grow until you would rather die than be separated from my love for you. That is how I felt on the cross. I died because I could not bear the thought of leaving you to perish alone in your sins. I know what it feels like to be left alone as I did when I could no longer feel my Father's love and support, and I want to spare you from even one moment of this agony. So look to me, trust in me, lean your whole weight upon me, and you will not be disappointed, for I will come to you in the darkness, and give you the light of my presence.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your heart always open to me and I will surprise you with the evidences of my love when you least expect it, and reward you for your growth in patience, faith, and love. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for you are the apple of my eye. Lovingly, Jesus.

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