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Dearest Ones,

Seventeen years ago I allowed the first of the events that will signal my coming to begin. During the intervening years you have seen the rise of the papacy and a subsequent descent of your nation as prophecy is being fulfilled. In spite of this, men, women, youth and children go on with their lives as though time will last forever, when probationary time is running out, and soon the plagues will begin to fall [Rev. 15]. Oh how many are on the verge of eternity and know it not! So the subject for today is "eternity."

The first thing I want to ask you to understand about eternity is that it has no beginning and no end. My Father and I are the only beings who have no beginning and no end. [Rev. 1:8; 22:13.] All other beings in the universe were created, so they have a beginning. But our purpose in creating beings after our likeness is that you, too, will have no end. Because you are finite and mortal, you cannot perceive this now, for in this fallen world, all things come to an end eventually. But those who go to heaven with me, will also possess eternity. [Eph. 3:21.] Stretching out ahead of you will be endless things to learn, endless things to accomplish, endless joys to experience. I am telling you about this because your time on this earth is short, and I want to encourage you to look up, not down at the challenges and problems that confront you daily. Never forget that you are citizens [Eph. 2:19] of a better world - a heavenly one - that fadeth not away. [1 Pet. 1:4.]

So how does this affect your life every day, moment by moment now? Your every thought can be an awareness of who you are in the stream of time. You are a citizen of heaven, not of this earth, just as I was in the world but not of the world. [John 17:14-16.] This can encourage you each day to keep positive and cheerful and full of faith, hope, and love, for you are my ambassadors to fallen humanity to exemplify my character and my law of love lived out in you. So think of this today and every day until I come. Don't let down your guard and cross-breed with those who know me not and do not want to be citizens of heaven, but of earth. Do not congregate with them, but keep yourself clear of their insolence, and concentrate on those who want to hear the truth of my soon coming and how to prepare.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep ever uppermost in your mind who you are - a citizen of the heavenly kingdom that will swallow up all others when time is no longer and eternity begins. Lovingly, Jesus.

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