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Eye Salve

Dearest Ones,

I am with you today in spite of all your problems. Sometimes it may seem as though I am far away when you go through trials, but that is not the case. It is harder to hear me when you are stressed with painful experiences, and the devil tries to harass you and make you think I am rejecting you, or that it is because of your sins and faults that trials come upon you, but that is not the truth. I am with you in sunshine or clouds, and if you persevere through the trial, you will come into the light again.

Now for the topic of the day. It is the eye salve. Laodicea is afflicted with spiritual blindness at the most dangerous time in history of losing their souls. This is because they have become spiritually lethargic, and leaning upon their own goodness, which is not goodness at all in the sight of God, for it is self-made and self-performed and self-generated. Nothing of self is accepted in the courts of heaven. Only the righteousness that is proffered through a relationship with me is acceptable when the curtain comes down and only the saved and the unsaved are left. The eye salve is figurative of the quality needed to see ones condition before God and see that no one can be saved by simply knowing and practicing the truth, for there is no vital flow of energy and life from me to the mind and heart of the believer. It is so easy to think that I will be satisfied with simply a showing of appropriate behavior, but without a love for me and the truth, no change is made in the inner heart and soul. The eyesalve is needed to show the spiritual depravity of a works-oriented religion which does not value the things of the heart. So in all your dealings with each other, it needs to come from a relationship with me. You cannot produce holiness of thought and behavior on your own. For example if someone constantly gets on your nerves, this shows that they are hitting a raw nerve that has not been cleansed from childhood. So spend time with me until you see how I want you to react about that person, and realize my love for them, and my attitude and feelings about what they are doing, and I will lift up your mind to a higher sphere. Thus you can see things through my eyes with heavenly vision instead of the cheap earthly view which is common to mankind.

Now go your way and accomplish what must be done today, but open your heart heavenward and I will give you a new heart and a new mind to see as I see and do as I do with a heart full of love for everyone. Lovingly, Jesus.

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