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Dearest Ones, I am thinking of you today in regard to the battle plan that is just ahead of us. You are doing all you can at this time, and I am pleased with your accomplishments and your spirit of love and submission to me. But I want you to know that I have specific duties and assignments for each of you that I will reveal to you individually in your communion with me day by day. So be aware in your worships each day for my voice and I will reveal the plans that I have for you.

Now for the topic of the day. It is faithfulness. Each time I talk about this subject, I want to reveal something new. Today it is about my faithfulness to you. I am called Faithful and True [Rev. 19:11], and also “The faithful and true witness” [Rev. 3:14] to the church of Laodicea. There is deep meaning to these words that I suggest you study into in Scripture. But for today, I will share some thoughts with you to draw a bigger picture for your mind to contemplate. First of all, I am the faithful and true witness of my Father and His character. One cannot really witness of themselves without being seen as prideful and boasting of self. And especially when one is the embodiment of greatness and perfection, power and beauty, and yet at the same time, the highest example of humility and service to others. So it is my joyful task and privilege to exemplify my Father in every way, so that there is no doubt about who He is and what He is like, so that all of creation can see and admire His character and adore and love and worship Him forever.

One the other hand, because I am like Him, I, too, am limited in the way I present myself, because any leader who boasts of himself and his superlative qualities puts himself at a distance from his followers, because he is then perceived to be trying to make himself above them and win their allegiance by his greatness. So out of love for my created beings, I became one with you, and humbled myself before you so that my true character could be observed and felt and experienced so that trust and love between us could flourish, and the natural gap of reserve and fear could be bridged so that you could come freely to me as a loving father, brother, and husband. I want you near me at all times. I want you to come unreservedly to me with all your desires, your hopes and dreams, your hurts and your failures, and with all your fears. I want you to love me because you have discovered my faithfulness and my love for you through your own personal experience with me each day.

But there is another facet of faithfulness that is also a part of my character. Because of my faithfulness to you, I must also point out your weaknesses and areas which need correction and improvement so that you can be free to go forward as workers in my vineyard, and reach the highest lives of service and use every gift that I have put within you to use for my glory and the glory of my kingdom of love. If I should see these discrepancies in you and not point them out, you would never be able to reach the potential of your gifts and calling. So sometimes I allow you to fail in certain areas, so that you can see your weaknesses and errors and failings and come to me for healing and blessings which have been beyond your reach up to now. But in the time of the latter rain, I want to pour out all my blessings upon you, and I can only do this if you have been cleansed of all the discrepancies in your character that would hinder the fullest outpouring of my Spirit, and the freedom to serve me to the greatest capacity of leadership in my final remnant people.

So you see why I must be a faithful and true witness to the Laodiceans, because their weaknesses and backsliding will prevent them from being able to receive the promise I have for them of sitting beside me on my throne of victory and rulership over my kingdom. That is the promise that I extend to my chosen and faithful ones who go all the way to my perfect character of love, for in doing so, they are worthy to be my Bride and sit with me on my throne forever, because they not only know and love me, but have become like me. Thus they are the perfect exemplification of my character, for I, too, cannot speak about myself, but I can reveal myself and my character of love through you. And it is my greatest joy to fellowship with you each day, for I can share easily with you, because you have an understanding and love for me that makes it possible for open communication with you on any level that I choose to reveal to you.

Now go to your activities of the day, but always remember that I am an every-present Friend, and that you can do nothing to drive me away unless you forsake me for other lovers and wait not upon me to hear my voice and follow me. Thus I am waiting at the door of your heart to hear your slightest whisper or sigh, and I want you to look to me for the fulfillment of every need and the answer to every question, for I am, and always will be, just a prayer away. And the closer you come to me and trust me in everything, the more victory and happiness and peace you will enjoy and experience in your daily walk together with me, for I will be faithful and true to you until I come to receive you unto myself. Lovingly, Jesus.

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