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Gold Tried in the Fire

My dear Ones,

Today is a day of rejoicing, for your names are written in heaven in the Lamb's Book of Life. I have seen your love and devotion to me and your dedication to my cause on earth, and I have accepted you in the Beloved, for you have joined the long line of patriarchs and righteous men and women who have loved and served me throughout history.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you today about gold tried in the fire, which represents my character, which I freely give to you when you are in a saving relationship with me. I came to earth with a perfect character, and while I was there, I was tried in every way possible by the devil, who was determined to bring me down and cause me to sin against my Father and against my own perfect Integrity which I brought with me from heaven. It was the same perfection that I had from eternity. But in taking upon myself fallen human nature, I exposed myself to all the assaults of the devil which he could devise to take me down and get me into controversy with him to protect myself. If I had been in the perfect nature which I possessed as equal with my Father, there would be no temptation to yield to the devil, for that nature had already been tested in the battle with him in heaven when he defected and became our enemy. I dealt with him in perfect justice suited for his crimes of high treason against my government and laws and attempting to take over the Throne of the universe. But when I assumed fallen human nature, Satan was stronger than I in the physical and emotional aspects. I could feel his wrath and hatred for me and his desire to win the battle over me on earth which he had not been able to win in heaven. He thought that he would have victory over me in my weakened human condition. But he did not realize that even weakened human nature can triumph over his temptations when fully connected with the power of the Holy Spirit from the Throne of my Father. And that's why he was baffled that his strongest temptations had no power over me.

So I was tested in all points like as you are, but yet without sin, and now I have that perfect, tested gold tried in the fire to give to every one of you who will come to me to receive it. The price is a full surrender of self to me and a connection with me that is the same as I had with my Father. You receive this gold from me as you walk with me day by day, moment by moment, and allow me to infuse my thoughts and feelings into your mind and heart through the Holy Spirit and the engrafted Word. Ask me, "How did you feel when you went through the temptation that I am going through right now?" You may find that because of your experience in life that your feelings and emotions and reactions and my feelings and emotions and reactions are far apart at first. But as you work them through with me and surrender to the perfect gold of my character, you will be cleansed of your sin and assimilated into my holiness by coming into agreement with me on every issue. Then you be will be sealed in your forehead - the decision-making area of the brain - and kept in perfect holiness through the indwelling of my Spirit forever throughout eternity. Then the devil will have no more access to you, because there are no more areas of your mind that are out of harmony with me, or respond to any temptation that the devil can bring to you, for you are now in perfect agreement with Me on every level.

So you see, that is what it means to buy of me gold tried in the fire, for I was tried in human nature on every point you would have to meet, yet without any sympathy with, or inclination to, side with the devil on any level. And that is what I give freely to each of you now who will give up self, which is the price I require, and put on the robe of my righteousness - the perfection of my character. Can you see now the beauty and simplicity of the plan of salvation? It is an exchange of your character for mine and it requires all to buy the pearl of great price, but those who pay the price will receive all the riches and glory of heaven and eternal life.

So walk with me today and every day until I come and you cannot fail to receive your reward. Never, never doubt my love for you, for it is unfailing. And call upon me at any time and I will provide for all your needs, for I am, and always will be, just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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