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Dearest Ones,

My heart is very tender today as I see you responding to my love and my will as I have expressed it to you. I can count on you to respond to my slightest whisper and go forward at my request. Therefore I am pouring out my Spirit to inspire and help you to take my last warning message to the people of earth who are hungry for the light and truth that will help them to find the safety of my pavilion before it is too late.

Now the subject for today. It is "fruitfulness." Just as you can tell a tree by its fruit [Matt. 12:33], so can you know the god that people serve by the fruit of their lives. Every good tree bears good fruit, and a bad tree bears bad fruit. However, I am not asking you to judge others by the fruit that you see. I am the only one who can do that, because I know the true heart of each person. For example, I know a certain behavior, such as temper or irritability, is because that has been developed by the person for self-protective reasons, or rather, that the person has learned to react a certain way to stimuli because of poor training, neglect, or abuse in childhood.

Nevertheless, I treat each person with deference and respect whatever their background, and labor to woo them in a way that I can to give them an opportunity to become a changed person and a fruit-bearing tree in my kingdom. If they do not respond and listen to my calls to them, I must accept their decision and leave them to reap the results of their choices. This grieves me, for every being and every creature that I have made lives by my life, and I am grieved to see anyone choose death instead of life. But on the other side is my joy when I see the response of my beloved chosen ones who return my love and follow me through every experience of life, and never resent my counsel nor my corrections, for they know that my reproofs come from my love, and are for their best good. Therefore, they can help others to know my true character, and learn to walk the straight and narrow pathway of obedience and service.

I have always had a small remnant throughout history, and these are the joy of my heart and the reward of my suffering, and my death on Calvary. Satan hated my victory, for he knew that others would follow me, and escape from his kingdom. But he still hopes to win the battle by overcoming my remnant church and bring in errors that will destroy the knowledge and understanding of the cleansing and perfection that is necessary to show the complete efficacy of my righteous life and victory over every sin and temptation of the evil one. This victory over sin and the devil is the theme and goal of all the Scriptures, but is brought out even more clearly and pointedly in the writings of the Testimonies, for no other generation has been held responsible for all the light that has now accumulated over the entire history of the human race since the inception of sin in heaven, and now the culmination of the plan of salvation. This generation has a high privilege and a higher calling than any other generation because of the additional light shining throughout all the ages. At the same time, this final generation also has the accumulated hereditary burden of all the sins of mankind since the fall of your first parents in Eden.

As a result of this inherited burden of sin passed on to you, you will also receive all the light and all the rewards that have accumulated for the final remnant who represent the saved of all ages and overcome where others did not overcome because they lacked the complete understanding in every area concerning the mystery of iniquity. But because they loved and served me and followed me fully for their time in history, I have borne their sins of ignorance. Nevertheless, there has always been one standard that is the same for every generation, and that is fruit-bearing. Whether a person has been blessed with only one talent or with ten, or with a little knowledge or much, the reward is to work with me on earth, and to live eternally with me in heaven and the earth made new.

So what are the gifts and responsibilities that you have been given at birth that you have cultivated throughout your life? As long as you labor in my vineyard, these gifts will expand and grow, for I place no limit to the usefulness of anyone who is fully dedicated to me. And the joy that we share as we labor together for the Father who is over all and in all, and wants to live in your heart and life as He does in mine, is the greatest reward of all!

Now go to the activities of your day. But keep the awareness of the joy of your connection with me, and you will be surprised at the doors of opportunity for service that I will open for you today and every day until I come; for service and fruit-bearing are the essence of happiness, both here in this life and the life to come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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